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Friday, October 21, 2011

Stress Outside The WOD

Not sure how many people out there stress about a WOD like you stress about a test or a big project at work....I know THIS guy does.  I can even take it to another level.....stressing about a weeks worth of WODs!  I can have a whole day dedicated to stress surrounding a workout that will not occur for 10 hours!  I will think about it all day....how to attack it?  Will I have time for it still?  Will something get in the way of doing it?  Is it really what I want to do?  Is there something better I could be doing?  Why not just REST? THIS IS GONNA HURT!  I can go on and on.  Even staring at the bar seconds before "GO" I will be stressing about what the future holds.....crush or be crushed!

Recently I started sitting back and analyzing how this effects me.  And it truly effects my daily performance at work, with family, when I am in a situation where I cannot work out....I have trouble even concentrating because my entire being is engrossed in CrossFit.  Am I crazy?.......I know one thing....this is the first TRUE ADDICTION I have ever had.  Who thought working out could do this to a person!

I am trying to let it go.  I am a person who prides myself on having little to know stress....but I have a problem.....what I believe to be a good one.  But, allowing myself to stress as much as I do about it can turn BAD.  The last few days I have been able to control it and enjoy moments more outside of "the WOD."  This may seem strange to many but it is really how I am....ADDICTED...all stemming from wanted to be the BEST, but having a lack of time and a family forcing me to make decisions daily around when and how I will work out to get "BETTER." 

Today I am good....I am taking off the day other then my burpees and I am fine with that....it is hard for me to be fine with a rest day, weird I know.....I need to remind myself why I CrossFit or why I do the things I do, have the things I have, and love the ones I love......it is for a bigger picture being painted and every piece comes together to develop who I am and stress is not me.  I tell people all the time if you are worrying or stressed ask yourself, "What can I do to fix the worry or stress?"  If the answer is nothing, then STOP worrying and stressing....if it is something DO IT, and do it ALL THE WAY! 

In closing, I stress for nothing, no reason at all, I can control everything but have been letting stress control me.  Not anymore, I feel this will help me become better in many ways including my fitness.  STRESS never made anyone better.....

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  1. You are so right Nick. Stress is not the problem...it's your reaction to it.

    Enjoy your rest.