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Friday, October 28, 2011

SORE legs and some help from the girls

I woke up this morning and my legs....and I mean every muscle in my kegs is sore. This Squats got me good. A good day to take off, but tomorrow I am working Open to Close so I wanted to get some work in today. The class was doing a 1 rep deadlift but I knew that was not going to be a good lift for me but I tried anyway:

1 rep Deadlift Max
435 x 1
455 x 1 (failed)

I had no legs at all on the lift and called it when I was struggling with 455. I am going to give myself a day in a few weeks to go for a legit 1 rep deadlift since I have not done it in almost a year. After this I threw some girls in the mix:

ISA-GRACE-100 Pull Up

My time

Isabel took 2:37...finished Grace at 6:41....started my pull ups at 7:30. This was good but I felt sluggish and slow. I paced it somewhat at the beginning to make sure I had some in the tank. I really liked the pull ups at the end and my grip was tired fro. Yesterday so I had to push through it. Still slow on my pull ups. I need to get 100 u der 3 minutes. This was a nice combination of WODs. Then:

Tabata Row for Meters

My total meters

I burned out quick and had no legs in the last half of Rds. Great end. Now get ready for work!


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