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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Late Night WWW

I got home from work late last night and forced myself to do a WOD.  It meant going to bed late and then waking up early for an open to close shift again.  I decided to do the World Wide Wod from Garage Games.  I was supposed to have done my 5 rep Deadlift at 445# on Thursday but because of my schedule I had to skip it.  So I thought this would be perfect with some heavy deads.  To bad I felt beat up from "Stacey" the AF Wod on Thursday night and felt like this went horrible.  I feel my training has not been good lately and I really need a job that allows me to train or else I will never reach my potential I know I have.  Oh well.....I digress...:

10 Deadlifts 315#
15 Sit ups
10 Bar-facing Burpees

My score
3 Rds + 6 Deads

After Rd 1 the deads got heavy and I mentally gave up.  Probably being late, feeling a little pain in the outside of my right knee, and feeling like I SUCK hurt the score.  I am thinking I can get 5 Rds later in the week when I bring my confidence back up and if I can get some good training in.  I fall into depressions if I do not work out enough or if my body feels to "Fresh."  My body is in one right now and I need to WORK out of it.  I have a plan for lunch today that may do that......

10 Rds
:30 Max DU's
- :30 Rest -
:30 Max KBS 1.5 Pood
- :30 Rest -
:30 Max Air Squats
- :30 Rest -

My score
51 - 16 - 29

This was scored just like tabata....lowest score throughout is your score.  I did these scores for every Rd.  By the end i had about :03 to spare on each Rd so I knew my first Rd was slow.  this was not a burner but I used it more for consistency.  Tonight I will be hitting a fast and furious one in the basement and maybe doing some work in Chelssie's grandparents basement with their pull up bar.  I am thinking the 2 min challenge from beyond the whiteboard...Max T2B.  Felling much better mentally after this WOD and knowing I will get some work in tonight....even though it will be late again.


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