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Monday, October 10, 2011

I love Competitions!

Be it they are online currently, but I still love any type of competition.  Currently I am doing The World Wide WOD Competition by Garage Games as well as the Again Faster Join the Team competition.  They just released the new WOD for the AF Competition which I will be hitting tomorrow and I did the WWWod this morning to start.  I did this WOD already:

10 Deadlifts
15 Sit ups
10 Bar-facing burpees

My score
4 Rds + 1 Dead (3 Rds + 6 Dead last time)

I felt happier about this score but still want to try to get 5 Rds.  We will see if I try again tomorrow or Wednesday.  The class started to file in at this time so I pulled to the side and did some power cleans:

5 rep Power Clean Touch and go
225 x 5
235 x 5
245 x 5

I stopped at 245 because my grip was going and I knew I had something fun coming up.  When the class started their WOD I started with them.  I decided to do a WOD I saw on our gyms page, a Painstorm WOD....I have seen many of these and have wanted to give one a go and thought this was perfect:

20 Min AMRAP
Use 155#: Max points achieved by doing any of the movements to accumulate points over the 20 Min time
10 Points - Squat Snatch
5 Points - Thruster
4 Points - Ground to Overhead
3 Points - Squat Clean
1 Point - Deadlift

My reps

I was not smart and tried to play around with how I wanted to break the reps up to make the most out of it.  I eventually started doing 3 Sq Snatches and then 3 G2OH....until I had a couple minutes left and I realized I felt fine and should start doing each movement in sets of 5.  So this ended up turning into a Sq Snatch and Clean and jerk WOD.  I liked it but it would have been more fun going against someone.  Next I put on my 40# vest and did a bunch of dead hang pull ups.  After that I rowed 500 M and finished in 1:39.  That will be it for today.  Tomorrow will be the AF WOD and as much as I can fit in....I am off the next 2 days so I am very excited!!!!  Getting better...that is the goal.


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