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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Heavy Squat Cleans and Dizziness

I have taken off a few days and feel great about it.  Normally I feel like I am weaker, slower, and overall not as "fit".....even after just 1 rest day.  After this though I know I am getting better by allowing my body to get better.  I had a lot planned today until something got in the way.  I took Jada to school and then headed to the box.  I decided to do the class because there was rowing....always can work on rowing.  Problem is, before the WOD we were on the mats tumbling and rolling.  Long story short, I got sick and could not even go hard during the WOD with out throwing up.  The WOD was:

2 Rds
2 Min MAX Calories Rowed
-1 Min rest-
2 Min Max Med ball Sit ups
-1 Min rest-
2 Min MAX KBS 2 x 1.5 Pood
-1 Min Rest-

My score
201 total reps

To explain how bad this was.  I started to feel better before the WOD so I rowed hard and got 53 calories the first 2 min.....then on the sit ups problems occurred.  I started losing where I was and wanted to puke.  i got to the KB and only got 21 reps.....I scaled up to 2 KB's that were 1.5 pood and did Russian style....to your shoulders not overhead.  The next Rd Rowing I puked in my mouth and only got 37 Cal....things went down hill and I walked out after the end of the WOD to get air.  I realized I needed a few hours to recover.  Fortunately I did and did a good WOD at home:

10 Rds
10 Axel Bar Power Cleans 95#
20 DU's

My time

My doubles were horrible, it was windy and I was alittle wild.  Other then that I really liked this one from CrossFit Indy North.  here is the vid:

After this WOD I came in side and did Heavy Squat Cleans:

3 Rep Max Squat Clean (NO HOOK GRIP)
185 x 3
205 x 3
215 x 3
225 x 3
235 x 3
245 x 3
255 x 3
265 x 3
275 x 2 (FAILED 3)
275 x 3

I was excited to get 275 x 3 the second attempt and think 285 may have been doable.  Next time.  The first video is my failed attempt and the second is the attempt I got it.  I also did not use a hook grip:

I am planning to go for a nice run and then possibly hitting a WOD to incorporate my burpees into.  Get better!!

Got some more work in:

19:30 run from Chelssie's G-mas house to the river. Nice run. Then:

3 Rds
12 burpee Box Jumps 30'
12 KBS 2pood

My time

My wife told me to do this one. The burpees were slow doing them in the garage on the concrete. Much better WOD the. It looked like it would be on paper.


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