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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

GOOD DAY.....Body is Tired

Today I had the day OFF and packed a lot in before Noon.  It started with teaching the 5:30 AM, then I did WWW2:

World Wide WOD2:
1 Min Max Box Jumps 24'
1 Min Max Thrusters 115#
4 Min Max Calories

My scores

I came to a conclusion the other day.....A) I still do not like nor am I good at rowing....B) Our rowers at the gym are slower then other rowers!  Every online competition I do with rowing puts me in last place in the WOD......so I am calling out our rowers, or at least saying they need to be oiled.  Oh well.  Next:

1 Rep Max Snatch
235 (F)

I did not feel good from the get go catching in the squat.  I was just not comfortable and kept the bar to far away from me forcing me to raise on my toes when I caught the bar.  After this I coached 2 individual training sessions then did the class WOD:

2 Front Squat 1 Push Jerk Max
305 (F)
310 (F)


10 Rep 185# Clean and Jerk for time

My time

I really liked the front squats into the jerk.  The goal was to front squat 2 times and then go straight into a jerk.  We took the weight from a rack but could not rerack once started.  i really wanted 310# and had it up but just could not lock it out at the top.  Next time.  I was going to do You Challenge today but after I saw Main Site I HAD to do it:

Main Site
200 M Run
7 MU's
200 M Run
200 M Run
:30 L-Sit
200 M Run
20 Pistols

My time

This was long and slow.....I ran....more like Jogged very slowly.  I went unbroken on everything except the L-sit.  I swear each :30 lasted about 2 Minutes because of all the breaks I took during the ":30"....that is a long time!!!!

I went home for lunch and then decided to wait til that night to hit my next WOD that I did at about 75%.  I did not want to push to hard but I really wanted to do a WOD to include my burpees and get some deads in so I used a WOD that was posted on here a couple weeks back and put it to use:

Deadlift 225#

My time

I was taxed and broke up every set of deads except the 21-6- and 3.  I had ample rest but it still taxed me.  Great WOD...THANKS!!!  If anyone else has a good one let me know about it.  I love different programming, post times to beat!  Now...shower and TV even though I will prolly watch pre-recorded CrossFit Games Episodes....Get Better every WOD!


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