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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 2 of 2

Today I woke up tight in a lot of places.....which meant I was ready for today to kick off.  I went to the box and joined in.  They were doing Team Amanda, so I joined in with Adrian who could do the WOD RX.  I started and had a goal to go unbroken and give him little rest.  We finished the WOD in 19:40....not to fast but it gave me a lot of time to recover and hit each movement full go to see how quick I could get through the movements:

Squat Snatch 135#

Our time

After the WOD I worked on some more MU's....text I went with a WOD I made up the day before:

15 Min AMRAP
25 Burpees Buy in
8 Over the box jumps 24'
10 T2B
12 GHD's
-Buy out at 15 Min mark-
25 Burpees

My time

My score
6 Rds + 6 T2B

The GHD's were the worst park.  And I must add...our GHD MACHINE SUCKS!!!!  It is very rickety and there is literally no pads at the feet so it hurts to go down and up.  Other than that I went really slow.  After this I had lunch with Chels again and the came home and deadlifted:

Deadlift 5 Rep Max
445 (FAILED)

I worked up to this weight and failed my first rep, mainly because I gave up. So I dropped down to 405 and did:

405 x 6
-1 min rest-
405 x 5

I took a long break and then:

2 Min Max Deadlift 275#

My score

I hit 20 unbroken and felt the 2 days catch up to me.  I only did 5 and then went by 3's.  I am resting now but may go out and run sprints.  I forgot to row today but will get a good row in after the 5:30 AM class.  I did not feel productive but my body is tired so I need to call it quits, unless of course I go and sprint.


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