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Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Day Tomorrow...Open WOD 11.3 tonight

This week has been tough to get a whole lot of work in due to my schedule.  But, tomorrow I have ALL day to train....and I am very excited!!! 
Yesterday I was able to do something in my living room before work knowing that night my wife and I had plans....problem is no chalk is allowed up stairs so it made this very difficult:

5 Rds
30 KBS in 1 min 2 Pood
-1 Min Rest-

My score

My hands were so sweaty that it was difficult to keep my grip.  My goal is to someday get through all 5 Rds with 30 swings...I have never came close to that.  KBS are still a weakness of mine.  I think a lot of it is mental.  The goal in this WOD is to hit 30 KBS before 1 minute...rest a minute and then do it again for 5 Rds.  That night after company left I did my 50 burpees:

50 Burpees

Not a very productive week thus far but I keep telling myself I need these.

Today I had to get up early for so on my break I went for a run around the park

Run around the park

I normally do an out and back but decided today to run a loop because u thought it may be longer.....I was wrong.  Turned out to be a short run.  Fortunately, I get off early tonight and am concocting some fun in my head as we speak.  Hopefully it comes to fruition!

Well.....I got home....looked at my work schedule and realized I do not work open to close on Wed, in fact, I only work 7 hours.....another long training day!  This guy is psyched......so lets just say I made my WOD tonight simple in prep for 3 straight jam packed days.  And tomorrow 2 WODs will be online competition WODs.....You Challenge and the World Wide WOD.  Back to tonight:

Open WOD 11.3
Max 165# Squat clean and Jerk

My score
34 (68)

Not happy at all, in fact disappointed.....I felt slow and tired....but I guess you are allowed those days every so often.  next came the burpees:

50 burpees

And now for bed, an early morning class, and a whole lot of training!



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  1. So THAT is where Anthony got the kettlebell WOD from. He crushed it - I told him I'd try it at 1.5pd but 2pd was out of my league