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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Active Rest

I am taking a rest day today even though tomorrow I am working 7 AM - 9 PM for the new iphone launch.....but i felt like it was a good idea to take off both days. I did do something extra last night while the CrossFit Games were on ESPN2:

5 Min Max Hand Release Push ups

My score

Shoulders were tired but I believe this is a PR anyway. These are so much worse then regular push ups and when you start to fail I can only go in sets of 3.

This morning I taught the class and then s l o w l y went after my nemesis:

1 k row

My time

I snuck up on her and went at a decent clip, nothing to crazy, she gets mad and hurts me when I try to hard.......so I rowed slow and it still hurt.....I can never win with rowing. Hopefully soon it will get easier or at least I will get faster....long day tomorrow!


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