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Monday, October 31, 2011

You Challenge WOD

I did not have a whole lot of time this morning before work to do a lot....but I still got some work done.  I started with the You Challenge WOD which is now on Beyondthewhiteboard.com.  Last week they went ahead and added it to their competition list.  The WOD was a good one......it made me feel nice and slow:

3 Rds
5 Bodyweight Squat Clean (185#)
15 KBS 1.5 Pood
25 Pull ups
15 KBS 1.5 Pood
5 Bodyweight Shoulder to overhead (185#)

My time

I wanted to finish in 10 Minutes but there was a lot more rest needed then I anticipated.  Great structure to the WOD.  The next WOD was one I have done before and really liked.  MY doubles were not on today so it was ugly:

5 Rds
6 Clean and Jerk 185#
30 DU's

My time

Again I was wanting sub 7......did not happen.  I really need to get some more work done with other people.  I don't push myself enough alone.  I was not very happy with my performances today but I am working on getting better.
I am hoping to get some work done later on tonight but work may prohibit that from happening if I have to stay real late.  Tomorrow is an off day from work so hopefully I will have ample time to have some good WODs!


Sunday, October 30, 2011


So.....I got home from work and did the AF WOD 3 "Lipson" again.  This time I did the right rep count though:

Back Squat 185#

My time

Here is the video for you viewing pleasure...

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I am taking the day OFF with an open to close shift at work today.  Legs are sore....planning after todays rest to hit Lipson again in the morning before work and beat my time of 3:30.....even though I missed a rep last time.....I will beat it!

"Men's best successes come after their disappointments. "

-Henry Ward Beecher



Friday, October 28, 2011

SORE legs and some help from the girls

I woke up this morning and my legs....and I mean every muscle in my kegs is sore. This Squats got me good. A good day to take off, but tomorrow I am working Open to Close so I wanted to get some work in today. The class was doing a 1 rep deadlift but I knew that was not going to be a good lift for me but I tried anyway:

1 rep Deadlift Max
435 x 1
455 x 1 (failed)

I had no legs at all on the lift and called it when I was struggling with 455. I am going to give myself a day in a few weeks to go for a legit 1 rep deadlift since I have not done it in almost a year. After this I threw some girls in the mix:

ISA-GRACE-100 Pull Up

My time

Isabel took 2:37...finished Grace at 6:41....started my pull ups at 7:30. This was good but I felt sluggish and slow. I paced it somewhat at the beginning to make sure I had some in the tank. I really liked the pull ups at the end and my grip was tired fro. Yesterday so I had to push through it. Still slow on my pull ups. I need to get 100 u der 3 minutes. This was a nice combination of WODs. Then:

Tabata Row for Meters

My total meters

I burned out quick and had no legs in the last half of Rds. Great end. Now get ready for work!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Lipson" and Back Squats EMOTM

Today I decided to do "Lipson", the Again Faster WOD 3.  I was hoping to do well but then something happened:

Back Squat 185# (Taken from the ground)
KBS 1.5 pood

My time

The only problem was I only did 20 Back Squats on my first Rd!  Idiot!!!!  The nice thing is I get to do it again and try to beat my time....probably not for awhile though, and I will tell you why in a bit.  Next I did a WOD with weighted MU's....my first weighted MU WOD!  I learned a lot from it:

8 Min AMRAP (wearing 25# weighted vest)
2 MU's
10 Deadlift 185#

My score
6 Rds + 3 Deads

It took me awhile to get the hang of the MU's in a vest....actually my 2nd Rd of Mu's took me 1:30 to get 2!  Fortunately I got the hang of it and went unbroken the rest of the way (With a lot of rest in between the unbroken sets.)  Nonetheless something else to add to my training.  Next I did the class:

1 Rep Shoulder Press Max
175 x 1
185 x 1
195 x 1 (FAILED)
195 x 1 (FAILED)
195 x 1

It took me a few tries but I got it.  It is all about bar placement and keeping it close to you and getting your head through instead of pressing with an arched back.  I was happy!  Next was a fun WOD:

Tabata Push Press 75 #
Tabata Ring Rows

My score
132 PP
46 RR

I was shot on the Ring Rows and had nothing left after Rd 2.  I think I averaged 3-4 reps each interval after my first few.  Loved the Push Presses!!!  I decided to now go heavy.  I saw Blair Morrison has been doing a lot of EMOTM heavy sets until failure of until 20 Minutes.  I have done a few of these but today was the heaviest I have went:

85% 1 Rep Max Back Squat (345# - last heavy 1 rep I did was 405#)
2 Back Squat EMOTM for 20 Minutes or FAILURE

My score
15 Rds + 1 rep

On my 16th Rd I started to fall forward on rep 2 and completely lost it!  I was so close and upset.  I do not get to squat heavy very often because I train alone so much so it was nice to have someone spot me on this.  I was smart (not normal of me) to call someone out to spot me once I was past Rd 10.  I felt strong still but was moving slower with bar.  Something to work on and get better with as long as I have spotters.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Main SIte from Sept 26th

I decided to do a Main Site Wod I had been eyeing since it came out....in fact I eye them all it is just a matter of doing it instead of something else.  Today I did it:

15 Min AMRAP
10 Toes 2 Bar
10 Wall Balls
10 Box Jumps 24' (regional standards)

My score
10 Rds + 8 box jumps

I realized after the WOD that I did T2B first and it was supposed to be Wall balls.  After looking at some scores online I realized I have not been going ALL out on a lot of my WODs.  Do not get me wrong, I go hard but get into a groove and pace a lot of WODs so they look the same beginning to end.  I am not sure when this happened but I am going to begin going HARDER in my WODs from here on out.  Not that pacing is bad, I just know I can go faster and get better going harder.  We will see tomorrow how it goes. 

I planned to do some heavy squatting but time did not permit....along with me not wanting to get in the way while they squatted.  I am going to do some heavy back squats tomorrow.  Looking forward to that!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Heavy Squat Cleans and Dizziness

I have taken off a few days and feel great about it.  Normally I feel like I am weaker, slower, and overall not as "fit".....even after just 1 rest day.  After this though I know I am getting better by allowing my body to get better.  I had a lot planned today until something got in the way.  I took Jada to school and then headed to the box.  I decided to do the class because there was rowing....always can work on rowing.  Problem is, before the WOD we were on the mats tumbling and rolling.  Long story short, I got sick and could not even go hard during the WOD with out throwing up.  The WOD was:

2 Rds
2 Min MAX Calories Rowed
-1 Min rest-
2 Min Max Med ball Sit ups
-1 Min rest-
2 Min MAX KBS 2 x 1.5 Pood
-1 Min Rest-

My score
201 total reps

To explain how bad this was.  I started to feel better before the WOD so I rowed hard and got 53 calories the first 2 min.....then on the sit ups problems occurred.  I started losing where I was and wanted to puke.  i got to the KB and only got 21 reps.....I scaled up to 2 KB's that were 1.5 pood and did Russian style....to your shoulders not overhead.  The next Rd Rowing I puked in my mouth and only got 37 Cal....things went down hill and I walked out after the end of the WOD to get air.  I realized I needed a few hours to recover.  Fortunately I did and did a good WOD at home:

10 Rds
10 Axel Bar Power Cleans 95#
20 DU's

My time

My doubles were horrible, it was windy and I was alittle wild.  Other then that I really liked this one from CrossFit Indy North.  here is the vid:

After this WOD I came in side and did Heavy Squat Cleans:

3 Rep Max Squat Clean (NO HOOK GRIP)
185 x 3
205 x 3
215 x 3
225 x 3
235 x 3
245 x 3
255 x 3
265 x 3
275 x 2 (FAILED 3)
275 x 3

I was excited to get 275 x 3 the second attempt and think 285 may have been doable.  Next time.  The first video is my failed attempt and the second is the attempt I got it.  I also did not use a hook grip:

I am planning to go for a nice run and then possibly hitting a WOD to incorporate my burpees into.  Get better!!

Got some more work in:

19:30 run from Chelssie's G-mas house to the river. Nice run. Then:

3 Rds
12 burpee Box Jumps 30'
12 KBS 2pood

My time

My wife told me to do this one. The burpees were slow doing them in the garage on the concrete. Much better WOD the. It looked like it would be on paper.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Stress Outside The WOD

Not sure how many people out there stress about a WOD like you stress about a test or a big project at work....I know THIS guy does.  I can even take it to another level.....stressing about a weeks worth of WODs!  I can have a whole day dedicated to stress surrounding a workout that will not occur for 10 hours!  I will think about it all day....how to attack it?  Will I have time for it still?  Will something get in the way of doing it?  Is it really what I want to do?  Is there something better I could be doing?  Why not just REST? THIS IS GONNA HURT!  I can go on and on.  Even staring at the bar seconds before "GO" I will be stressing about what the future holds.....crush or be crushed!

Recently I started sitting back and analyzing how this effects me.  And it truly effects my daily performance at work, with family, when I am in a situation where I cannot work out....I have trouble even concentrating because my entire being is engrossed in CrossFit.  Am I crazy?.......I know one thing....this is the first TRUE ADDICTION I have ever had.  Who thought working out could do this to a person!

I am trying to let it go.  I am a person who prides myself on having little to know stress....but I have a problem.....what I believe to be a good one.  But, allowing myself to stress as much as I do about it can turn BAD.  The last few days I have been able to control it and enjoy moments more outside of "the WOD."  This may seem strange to many but it is really how I am....ADDICTED...all stemming from wanted to be the BEST, but having a lack of time and a family forcing me to make decisions daily around when and how I will work out to get "BETTER." 

Today I am good....I am taking off the day other then my burpees and I am fine with that....it is hard for me to be fine with a rest day, weird I know.....I need to remind myself why I CrossFit or why I do the things I do, have the things I have, and love the ones I love......it is for a bigger picture being painted and every piece comes together to develop who I am and stress is not me.  I tell people all the time if you are worrying or stressed ask yourself, "What can I do to fix the worry or stress?"  If the answer is nothing, then STOP worrying and stressing....if it is something DO IT, and do it ALL THE WAY! 

In closing, I stress for nothing, no reason at all, I can control everything but have been letting stress control me.  Not anymore, I feel this will help me become better in many ways including my fitness.  STRESS never made anyone better.....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lots of Deads, Thrusters, and Rope Climbs

I am calling it a day early.....I know I know.....I look for these days and consider them Gold when I get them.  But, for awhile now I have been thinking about having a long rest period.  I feel this is the perfect time to start.  I ended my training early and will be taking off the majority of the next few days to recover and come back.  I started today after the 5:30AM class:

5 Rds
15 Thrusters
15 Bar-facing burpees

My time

My hamstrings were tight right from the get go and I felt very drained.  I know I can go much faster but my intensity was down due to my body being fatigued.  It is good to hit a wall like this but when you do....be smart and back off.  My issue was I wanted to continue to get some work in before throwing in the towel:

Overhead Squat 10 Rep Max
135 x 10
145 x 10
155 x 10
165 x 10
175 x 10
185 x 10
195 x 10
205 x 10

I could have gone heavier but thought this was good.  I was training Tara this morning and she walked in, so that is my other excuse for stopping.  205 felt very easy and I felt as though I was getting stronger as the weight got heavier. In between the first 3 sets I did 20 push down with a Green band to get some accessory work in between sets...the next 3 sets I did 10 strict pull ups.  I liked this and may start throwing in mare accessory work.

About an hour after this I did:

10 Rope Climbs for time:

My time

The buzzer said 2:27 when I finished but I was told to go and realized the timer did no0t actually start until I was on my way down from the first rep making for the unknown time.

I left the box and then did some Deadlifting at home:

Work up to heavy 5 Rep
225 x 5
275 x 5
295 x 5
315 x 5
335 x 5
365 x 5
385 x 5
405 x 5


Max reps 275 Deadlift

My score

My back was shot so I tried to break it up into small quick sets but that did not work.  I like this cash out.  This is the second time doing it and I like it best for deadlifting because this is my weakest lift.  I will continue working on it and get better.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WWW3 and a Sprint WOD

I went to the Box after dropping Jada off at school to hit the WWW3.  This was a good WOD but felt a lot more like a warm up.  In this WOD it is 3 separate AMRAP, each beginning over at the first movement just like the Games final WOD:

World Wide WOD 3
1 Min
-:30 rest-
-:30 rest-

30 DU's
15 KBS 2 pood
15 Jumping Lunges Each Leg
15 Hand Release Push ups
15 Air Squats
15 Push Press
15 Back Squat
15 Power Clean
15 OHS
Burpees if you have time remaining

My score
1 Min AMRAP- 12 Lunges total
2 Min AMRAP- 15 Air Squats
3 Min AMRAP- 4 Back Squat

I did not get all the way through and really do not think it is physically possible.  Next I did the class which was a sprint:

3 Rds
200 M Run
20 Du's
10 Box Jumps 24' (Games Standards)
10 T2B

My time

This was a good burner because I had a push from a few guys in the Box, so thanks for that.  I then began working on 3 rep Max pull ups:

3 rep Pull up Max
90# x 3
110# x 2

I then kept nailing my shin with the plate to where it actually had me on the ground in pain so I decided to stop and not work up to a 1 rep.  I did a lot with a 45# weighted vest.  I wanted to get another WOD in but had to get home for work.  I will try for one more tonight if I have the time.  Tomorrow should be a good day with me being off work again!!!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

GOOD DAY.....Body is Tired

Today I had the day OFF and packed a lot in before Noon.  It started with teaching the 5:30 AM, then I did WWW2:

World Wide WOD2:
1 Min Max Box Jumps 24'
1 Min Max Thrusters 115#
4 Min Max Calories

My scores

I came to a conclusion the other day.....A) I still do not like nor am I good at rowing....B) Our rowers at the gym are slower then other rowers!  Every online competition I do with rowing puts me in last place in the WOD......so I am calling out our rowers, or at least saying they need to be oiled.  Oh well.  Next:

1 Rep Max Snatch
235 (F)

I did not feel good from the get go catching in the squat.  I was just not comfortable and kept the bar to far away from me forcing me to raise on my toes when I caught the bar.  After this I coached 2 individual training sessions then did the class WOD:

2 Front Squat 1 Push Jerk Max
305 (F)
310 (F)


10 Rep 185# Clean and Jerk for time

My time

I really liked the front squats into the jerk.  The goal was to front squat 2 times and then go straight into a jerk.  We took the weight from a rack but could not rerack once started.  i really wanted 310# and had it up but just could not lock it out at the top.  Next time.  I was going to do You Challenge today but after I saw Main Site I HAD to do it:

Main Site
200 M Run
7 MU's
200 M Run
200 M Run
:30 L-Sit
200 M Run
20 Pistols

My time

This was long and slow.....I ran....more like Jogged very slowly.  I went unbroken on everything except the L-sit.  I swear each :30 lasted about 2 Minutes because of all the breaks I took during the ":30"....that is a long time!!!!

I went home for lunch and then decided to wait til that night to hit my next WOD that I did at about 75%.  I did not want to push to hard but I really wanted to do a WOD to include my burpees and get some deads in so I used a WOD that was posted on here a couple weeks back and put it to use:

Deadlift 225#

My time

I was taxed and broke up every set of deads except the 21-6- and 3.  I had ample rest but it still taxed me.  Great WOD...THANKS!!!  If anyone else has a good one let me know about it.  I love different programming, post times to beat!  Now...shower and TV even though I will prolly watch pre-recorded CrossFit Games Episodes....Get Better every WOD!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Big Day Tomorrow...Open WOD 11.3 tonight

This week has been tough to get a whole lot of work in due to my schedule.  But, tomorrow I have ALL day to train....and I am very excited!!! 
Yesterday I was able to do something in my living room before work knowing that night my wife and I had plans....problem is no chalk is allowed up stairs so it made this very difficult:

5 Rds
30 KBS in 1 min 2 Pood
-1 Min Rest-

My score

My hands were so sweaty that it was difficult to keep my grip.  My goal is to someday get through all 5 Rds with 30 swings...I have never came close to that.  KBS are still a weakness of mine.  I think a lot of it is mental.  The goal in this WOD is to hit 30 KBS before 1 minute...rest a minute and then do it again for 5 Rds.  That night after company left I did my 50 burpees:

50 Burpees

Not a very productive week thus far but I keep telling myself I need these.

Today I had to get up early for so on my break I went for a run around the park

Run around the park

I normally do an out and back but decided today to run a loop because u thought it may be longer.....I was wrong.  Turned out to be a short run.  Fortunately, I get off early tonight and am concocting some fun in my head as we speak.  Hopefully it comes to fruition!

Well.....I got home....looked at my work schedule and realized I do not work open to close on Wed, in fact, I only work 7 hours.....another long training day!  This guy is psyched......so lets just say I made my WOD tonight simple in prep for 3 straight jam packed days.  And tomorrow 2 WODs will be online competition WODs.....You Challenge and the World Wide WOD.  Back to tonight:

Open WOD 11.3
Max 165# Squat clean and Jerk

My score
34 (68)

Not happy at all, in fact disappointed.....I felt slow and tired....but I guess you are allowed those days every so often.  next came the burpees:

50 burpees

And now for bed, an early morning class, and a whole lot of training!



Saturday, October 15, 2011

Night WOD

I got home and immediately went down stairs to get some quick work in:

Power Clean 1 rep

295 went up easy but in my basement I do not feel to comfortable and I dropped it. That is my excuse. That is the heaviest I have gone in my basement as well so I feel good about that. After this I kept the heavy cleans:

5 Rds
3 Power cleans 245#
10 burpees

My time

I only went touch and go on the first rd then I did it in singles. I may do this again and go for unbroken which should put the ti e under 4 minutes. I was smoked after it though....I did. Ot think that I would be looking at it on paper.


Again Faster WOD 2 and "CINDY"

To answer a question if I do my burpees even on Rest days I do.  I do not post it every time I do them because I do not think people want to see that.  Such as last night I did my 50 burpees with a partner.  My wife had a over with her son AJ.....and he came down in the basement and did 50 burpees with me....well he did about 30 which impressed me especially because he did not even stop to rest:

50 Burpees

Other then that I worked from 6:45AM - 8:45PM yesterday with no lunch so there was not much time to do anything!  So....I was ready to get into the box before work today knowing I would have some time available.  I started with the AF WOD 2:

3 Snatch Complex 125# (Power Snatch, Hang Power Snatch, Hang Squat Snatch)
3 Wall Climbs

My score
6 Rds


I did this last week as a run through and got 5 Rds + 2 complexes so I was happy with 6 Rds being that was my goal.  WE will see hoe that holds up in the competition.  Next was a WOD I chose because it has been on my mind for awhile:

20 Min AMRAP
5 Pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

My score
30 Rds + 10 Squats (PR)

My old PR was 29 Rds so I am always happy with a PR even though this felt like a squat WOD.  I would do my pull ups, push ups and it would feel like 5 seconds passed and then I was squatting AGAIN!  Way to many squats. 

I took off after the WOD and headed to work.  I will be home early enough to hit some strength and a WOD so I am hoping for some fun.....and hopefully get out of work in time. 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Active Rest

I am taking a rest day today even though tomorrow I am working 7 AM - 9 PM for the new iphone launch.....but i felt like it was a good idea to take off both days. I did do something extra last night while the CrossFit Games were on ESPN2:

5 Min Max Hand Release Push ups

My score

Shoulders were tired but I believe this is a PR anyway. These are so much worse then regular push ups and when you start to fail I can only go in sets of 3.

This morning I taught the class and then s l o w l y went after my nemesis:

1 k row

My time

I snuck up on her and went at a decent clip, nothing to crazy, she gets mad and hurts me when I try to hard.......so I rowed slow and it still hurt.....I can never win with rowing. Hopefully soon it will get easier or at least I will get faster....long day tomorrow!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 2 of 2

Today I woke up tight in a lot of places.....which meant I was ready for today to kick off.  I went to the box and joined in.  They were doing Team Amanda, so I joined in with Adrian who could do the WOD RX.  I started and had a goal to go unbroken and give him little rest.  We finished the WOD in 19:40....not to fast but it gave me a lot of time to recover and hit each movement full go to see how quick I could get through the movements:

Squat Snatch 135#

Our time

After the WOD I worked on some more MU's....text I went with a WOD I made up the day before:

15 Min AMRAP
25 Burpees Buy in
8 Over the box jumps 24'
10 T2B
12 GHD's
-Buy out at 15 Min mark-
25 Burpees

My time

My score
6 Rds + 6 T2B

The GHD's were the worst park.  And I must add...our GHD MACHINE SUCKS!!!!  It is very rickety and there is literally no pads at the feet so it hurts to go down and up.  Other than that I went really slow.  After this I had lunch with Chels again and the came home and deadlifted:

Deadlift 5 Rep Max
445 (FAILED)

I worked up to this weight and failed my first rep, mainly because I gave up. So I dropped down to 405 and did:

405 x 6
-1 min rest-
405 x 5

I took a long break and then:

2 Min Max Deadlift 275#

My score

I hit 20 unbroken and felt the 2 days catch up to me.  I only did 5 and then went by 3's.  I am resting now but may go out and run sprints.  I forgot to row today but will get a good row in after the 5:30 AM class.  I did not feel productive but my body is tired so I need to call it quits, unless of course I go and sprint.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 of 2 Off Days (FROM WORK THAT IS)

Today is the first of my two days off of work and boy am I excited.  I got up early and coached the class which happened to be a run....so I joined in because only 3 people showed:

5 K Run

My time

I actually paced a guy training for the seals.  I stayed at a comfortable pace until about 400M left when I kicked it in and told him to keep up!  This is going to be used as a benchmark for my Box runs, even though I know I should go much faster next time.  After the WOD I came home to let Chels head off to a training class and then dropped Jada off at school.  Then back to the Box.  I started with the Again Faster WOD 2:

3 Snatch Complex 125# (Power Snatch, Hang Snatch, Hang Squat Snatch)
3 Wall Climbs

My score
5 Rds + 2 Complex

I am not a gamer of WODs, instead I just go.  But, there are some WODs you look at and just know that you will not be able to go full go the entire time.  This is one of those WODs.  The weight is light, but the standards are you have to finish a complex without dropping the bar or failing a rep or else you start back over.....and anyone who has done wall climbs knows how brutal they are.  So, I hit a pace and stuck with it.  I will do this one again for the comp next week.  Next:

Overhead Squat 95#
Pull ups

My score
18 + 18 OHS

The set of 21 OHS was rough....my back got real tight.  After this Chels contacted me and asked me to go to lunch with her, so I did.  When I got back to the Box I did:

Main Site
Front Squat 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2


My legs were TIRED by this point.  I did not feel like I had done a whole lots but my legs said otherwise.  I decided to stop at 325 even though it felt the same as 275...which is not saying much considering that was real tough for me.  I decided to call it a day at the box and head home to mow the lawn.

Once the chores were done, Chels was home, and Jada was asleep it was time to try my 50 burpees in my vest with all the weight....at least 40#:

50 Burpees (40# vest)

My time

Sucked....nuf said


Monday, October 10, 2011

I love Competitions!

Be it they are online currently, but I still love any type of competition.  Currently I am doing The World Wide WOD Competition by Garage Games as well as the Again Faster Join the Team competition.  They just released the new WOD for the AF Competition which I will be hitting tomorrow and I did the WWWod this morning to start.  I did this WOD already:

10 Deadlifts
15 Sit ups
10 Bar-facing burpees

My score
4 Rds + 1 Dead (3 Rds + 6 Dead last time)

I felt happier about this score but still want to try to get 5 Rds.  We will see if I try again tomorrow or Wednesday.  The class started to file in at this time so I pulled to the side and did some power cleans:

5 rep Power Clean Touch and go
225 x 5
235 x 5
245 x 5

I stopped at 245 because my grip was going and I knew I had something fun coming up.  When the class started their WOD I started with them.  I decided to do a WOD I saw on our gyms page, a Painstorm WOD....I have seen many of these and have wanted to give one a go and thought this was perfect:

20 Min AMRAP
Use 155#: Max points achieved by doing any of the movements to accumulate points over the 20 Min time
10 Points - Squat Snatch
5 Points - Thruster
4 Points - Ground to Overhead
3 Points - Squat Clean
1 Point - Deadlift

My reps

I was not smart and tried to play around with how I wanted to break the reps up to make the most out of it.  I eventually started doing 3 Sq Snatches and then 3 G2OH....until I had a couple minutes left and I realized I felt fine and should start doing each movement in sets of 5.  So this ended up turning into a Sq Snatch and Clean and jerk WOD.  I liked it but it would have been more fun going against someone.  Next I put on my 40# vest and did a bunch of dead hang pull ups.  After that I rowed 500 M and finished in 1:39.  That will be it for today.  Tomorrow will be the AF WOD and as much as I can fit in....I am off the next 2 days so I am very excited!!!!  Getting better...that is the goal.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Late Night Work...AGAIN

When I got home last night I had to head over the my wife's Grandparents...I ate and then took the little girl home and she PASSED out in the back seat.  To bad I left to early.  Her grandparents live north of Notre Dame and I am just south of Notre Dame.....and they had a home game.  So....instead of getting home at a decent hour I sat in football traffic all night.  By the time I got home I did not want to do a WOD, so I decided to get ready and go to bed so I could wake up early and go to the Box.  Then my better judgement kicked in.....GO IN THE BASEMENT AND DO A WOD!  "OK"  I said.....then I did it:

10 min AMRAP
7 Squat Clean 95#
10 Hand Release Push ups

My score
11 Rds + 1 Sq Clean

My lower back was on fire and I was hating the last few Rds on this.  I do many variations of this WOD and really felt the strongest I have ever felt on the push up portion.  Problem is I went all unbroken on them and kept coming back to the bar to quickly, which made me want to look at it instead of pick it up.  GOOD WOD overall.

This morning I woke up a little later then I wanted but still was able to make it to the Box for some good work.  I started with this weeks You Challenge:

You Challenge WOD
1 MU
10 Lunges
15 DU's

My score
18 + 5 lunges

This was fast and furious.  I had it set up like an obstacle course.  A box to step up for the MU since I have them hanging 1 foot out of reach and a circle to get to the rope right in from of the rings.  What I finished this I did some Snatch work:

1 Rep Power Snatch Max

3 Rep Power Snatch

I was in to much of a hurry to do the 5 rep Squat Snatch.  I have to make a living...so next was to ROW!

3 Rds
500 M Row
10 burpees

My time

I pulled at around a 1:46-1:50 the entire time and moved at a snails pace on the burpees.  I NEED to row more so like I said every time I am in the Box I will ROW! 


Dead Hang from pull up bar
Did not drop

Jeremie Page suggested this to me in an e-mail and I liked it. The last 2 Rds were brutal though and I had to find a happy place to hang on. I appreciate this. I had done some dead hangs, but tabata was worse then what I was doing. Thanks.

This was my first time back in since the Again Faster Challenge.  I will be in more this week since I do not have to go in to work until late Monday and I am off work on Tuesday and Wednesday.....so I am foaming at the mouth to train HARD......If I am lucky i will get some work in tonight as well.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Late Night WWW

I got home from work late last night and forced myself to do a WOD.  It meant going to bed late and then waking up early for an open to close shift again.  I decided to do the World Wide Wod from Garage Games.  I was supposed to have done my 5 rep Deadlift at 445# on Thursday but because of my schedule I had to skip it.  So I thought this would be perfect with some heavy deads.  To bad I felt beat up from "Stacey" the AF Wod on Thursday night and felt like this went horrible.  I feel my training has not been good lately and I really need a job that allows me to train or else I will never reach my potential I know I have.  Oh well.....I digress...:

10 Deadlifts 315#
15 Sit ups
10 Bar-facing Burpees

My score
3 Rds + 6 Deads

After Rd 1 the deads got heavy and I mentally gave up.  Probably being late, feeling a little pain in the outside of my right knee, and feeling like I SUCK hurt the score.  I am thinking I can get 5 Rds later in the week when I bring my confidence back up and if I can get some good training in.  I fall into depressions if I do not work out enough or if my body feels to "Fresh."  My body is in one right now and I need to WORK out of it.  I have a plan for lunch today that may do that......

10 Rds
:30 Max DU's
- :30 Rest -
:30 Max KBS 1.5 Pood
- :30 Rest -
:30 Max Air Squats
- :30 Rest -

My score
51 - 16 - 29

This was scored just like tabata....lowest score throughout is your score.  I did these scores for every Rd.  By the end i had about :03 to spare on each Rd so I knew my first Rd was slow.  this was not a burner but I used it more for consistency.  Tonight I will be hitting a fast and furious one in the basement and maybe doing some work in Chelssie's grandparents basement with their pull up bar.  I am thinking the 2 min challenge from beyond the whiteboard...Max T2B.  Felling much better mentally after this WOD and knowing I will get some work in tonight....even though it will be late again.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Work Work Work...and AF Challenge 1

Sometimes it feels that all we do its work, and with the new iPhone launch happening that is what I will do for the next 2 weeks of my life.....WORK!  Mandatory work open to close all weekend and then next weekend while working allow.....leaving what I would rather have work be, training, sitting on the side.  So...after work yesterday, and after the lady who puked on our floor, because she had a relapse was taken to the hospital,l I jetted home and then to the Box to hit the Again Faster Challenge WOD 1.  I was so excited to do this even though rowing is the single movement I COMPLETELY despise.  i break down mentally and it just HURTS!  This was the only thing I could do:

150 Air Squats
150 Air Squats

My time

I do not like to ROW!  It hurts.

I have dedicated to myself that I will be Rowing everyday until i can tolerate it or enjoy it.  This is what i did with running long distance and not I enjoy it....let's hope it works.

This morning I woke up early and hit a WOD in my basement before a FULL day of work.  I did a Main Site from a while back which I had already done, but I knew it would be quick and painful.  I am not sure if it was the WOD from yesterday or if it was something else but i did horrible and felt horrible during this WOD:

135# Power clean
Bar-facing burpees

My time

I did this mid 5's last time and was not happy with that time, so seeing this was really humbling.  I am hoping to get another good WOD in tonight before bed, but that will all depend on when i get out of work.

As for my 10 day challenge it is going well.  I am feeling god and I believe this is day 8 or 9.  I will have to look back in my posts to see.  I am not going to cheat on day 11....instead try to carry over and keep going with it,  We will see how long that lasts.

Just checked and saw today is day 11 for the 10 Day Challenge to myself.  Happy to get through it, I did have some Paleo cake that my wife ordered.  SHe bought a piece for $9!!!!  A piece, and did not want to finish it....I was not going to let that go to waste so I ate it.  But, I considered it ok because it was Gluten free.......loop holes I know.  In any case we will see how long this will be going on.  Also, I have been getting e-mails about my diet so I will be posting soon about what that looks like in detail. 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Burpees

Short notice as always.....work notified me I had to travel out of town for a LONG meeting and I had to leave early.  So, no time for a WOD only burpees:

50 Burpees

HURTTTT!  I am tight in a lot of places from yesterday, and my legs are sore.....but this showed how FATIGUED my legs really were.  At 42 I started to really slow which is not normal and I wanted to take a rest instead of moving.
Tomorrow will be a good day for competition WODs.  Again Faster WOD 1 and You Challenge along with heavy deads mixed in.  Maybe some extra fun stuff as well......First the am class and work!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tabata Deadlifts and MU's

I woke up early this morning to head out to the 5:30 am class to teach.  It was a small class so why not join in!  The WOD was a good one.....the main reason I joined in.....there was rowing involved!  Without further adieu:

For time
1000 M Row
5 Rds
30 DU's
15 Sandbag Cleans 85#

My time

This WOD was very difficult.  In the later Rds I was going in sets of 3.  My Row was finished in 3:32.  After this I did You Challenge:

Tabata Deadlifts 315#
-:30 Rest-
Max MU's

My score
MU's: 6

I took some time and then did an old Main Site WOD I liked and I was feeling the effects of the day:

Box Jumps 24'
Power Snatch 75#
C2B Pull ups
-2 Min rest-
Max MU's

My time
Mu's: 6

I need to look back at times for this WOD to see what I got.  I feel I can go a lot faster.....I was SLOW.  I was not sure what to do next after this but ended up choosing some Front Squats:

EMOTM 10 Minutes
7 Front Squats 185#

The last couple sets of this were brutal.  I liked it and headed to pick up Jada after this.  Then while at home I figured why sit around while she naps and do nothing....even though I was watching the CrossFit games on ESPN.  I ended up pausing it and went into the basement to do:

2 Rds
1 Min Max Power Cleans 155#
-1 Min rest-
1 Min Max Squat Cleans 155#
-1 Min rest-

My scores

Power Cleans: 15-12
Squat Cleans: 10-10

I started to lose my grip here.  i really need to be working on my grip a lot more.  I noticed how bad it was on the C2B today when I kept wanting to fall off because I could barely hold it.  That is not a good thing. 
I am not sure if I will do anything else other then burpees tonight but we will see...


Monday, October 3, 2011

This past weekend...Life asRX Competition

We had a busy weekend last week with traveling to the north side of Chicago and competing in the Life asRX comp....but it was a blast.  it was my wife's first competition and I am SOOO proud of her.  She really enjoyed herself and is ready for more.  She also learned a lot as Everyone who competed probably did.  The WOD's were very basic and pretty much 1 move is what effected the outcome for most.  I was a little upset the day of because there was a WOD with a lot of GHD Sit ups and I was STILL a wreck from Wed nights GHD WOD so I knew that would not go very smoothly  All Wods were scored by reps....which I will explain how this did not make sense later:

400 M Sprint with 90# Sandbag
Row for Calories with time remaining

My calories

I am not a fan of rowing nor or this WOD.  The top calories rowed was 107!  Crazy....I bet they like rowing!  I believe I got 14th in this WOD.  Next came the death of me:

10 Axel bar Deadlifts 225#
20 GHD Sit ups
40 DU's

My score
4 Rds + 2 Deads

I had so much trouble on the GHD machine after RD 1.  I was in agony and had people asking me after if I had a hernia.  I am not sure what place i got but I know after it I was still in 14th overall.....so I did not do to well!  Then:

14 Box Jumps 30'
10 KB Snatch 1.5 pood

My score
5 Rds + 4 BJ's

This was a good one but in the middle I smacked my shin...as I know many who did in this WOD...and that left me in some pain afterward but still a good WOD.  I was 2nd in this WOD.  They then took the top 10 Men and women to the final.  I moved up to 7th overall and my wife missed the cut.  The final WOD

A side note.  I was on a team as well during the competition and about 10 minutes after I did WOD 3 I had to do it again for the team comp.  It was:

10 Min AMRAP
14 Box jump 30' / 24'
10 KBS 1.5 pood / 1 pood

Our Score
10 Rds + 8 BJ

This was fun and I did the WOD with Carrie from CrossFit Indy North (not sure if I spelled that right).  She did awesome and this cooked my legs and lower back as if it wasn't bad enough doing it 't bad enough the first time around.  the nice part was only one person worked while the other rested until each completed a full Rd.  Then came the final WOD:

50 M Prowler Push down
50 M Prowler Push back
5 Power snatch 165#
10 bar-facing burpees
5 Power cleans 165#
10 bar-facing burpees
5 Thrusters 165#
10 bar-facing burpees
50 M Prowler Push down
50 M Prowler Push back

My time 10:08

This was an AWESOME WOD.  I ended 4th overall.  Not 1st like I wanted  but a fun time with friends and family.  I am not sure on the prowler distance but it was far and on a horrible parking lot.  Loved it though.....quads and lower back were trash after this.  There was a 15 min cap and every second away from 15 Min was a point.  So if you finished in 14:59 you got 1 point.  The problem with the scoring was that WOD 1 and 3 had little bearing on the results.  Since the scoring was reps mine looked like this:

WOD 1: 91 points
WOD 2: 282 points
WOD 3: 124 points

A little disproportionate and I even had a bad score on 2.  There were people in the mid 300's.  So someone could do REALLY well in 2 and not have to do to well in 1 and 3 and still be in the top.  Just an interesting scoring system. 

I learned a lot also....I NEED to row more even though I despise it....I NEED a prowler because that CRUSHES the quads, and I need to push when I do not think I can push.  Get better at everything and be prepared for anything.
After the comp my lower back and quads were tight so I decided to take the day off on Sunday other then my burpees:

5 Rds
10 burpees
10 KBS 2 pood

My time

This was the fastest I have done it and of course it hurt! 

Today it was my wife's first day of work and my daughters first day at day care so I stayed home and helped while she got ready.  I did not have to go in to work today until 12 AM so I went in to do the class at the Box.  The WOD was good but I tweaked it a bit....and that made all the difference:

9 Rds
5 Thrusters 115# (went up to 135#)
5 Strict chin ups
5 burpees

My time

I went slower then I wanted but was unbroken.  After Rd 5 I would look at the bar a bit before picking it up.....the 20# changed the WOD for me.  I will do some KB work tonight and then I have a BIG day planned.  Not all programmed out but i have a good 5 hours at the Box if I choose to stay that long.  Then I will be hanging with the baby!  Getting better and learning on the way.