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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rope Climbs PR

I wanted to start with saying the bike ride with Jada was AWESOME!  She loves it when we go on rides....and with her sitting there next to her Dolli is just adorable.  As for today, it was busy, but with nothing really fancy.  I taught the class and then did a WOD with Karen afterwards:

3 Rds
2 minutes to complete
25 ft sled drag (3  45# plates)
5 tire flips
25 ft sled drag
Max toes to bar with time remaining

Toes 2 bar score

i had to quit on the first 2 Rds early to lower the weight on the sled.  The first 2 Rds were unbroken and then I helped with between 15-10 sec left on the clock.  A good warm up.  Next:

Back Squat 315#
EMOTM 10 Minutes

The squats got easier until the last Rd.  This was a good weight for me to be using.  I need to start going heavier.....lets just say there are A LOT of things I need to be doing, trying to find time.  Next I did something without time....mainly because I forgot to check when I got done.  But I went at about 75% on on it:

4 Rds
250 M Row
4 Clean & Jerks 155#

My pull was lacking and I had to drop all the reps.  Not what I was wanting but it felt good to row some.  I went at about a 1:45 pace the whole time.  Chels came to the Box early so I let her do this WOD then I did.  It was a Main Site WOD from awhile ago:

Tabata Bottom to Bottom Squats
Run 1 Mile

My tabata score
Mile time

I was not happy with my mile time.....the first 800 felt like a 10 mile pace, on the back half I was able to pick it up.  I was hoping for sub 6:30 with all the legs I did....did not happen. Last thing I did at the gym:

10 Rope Climbs

My time
2:50 (PR)

Then when I got home:

50 Burpees

Burpees were normal.....horrible and the last 15 I really slowed down.  My biceps are hurting right now and it showed on my push ups.  It was pretty ugly.  I may do something tonight....have not decided for sure.  It was a pretty light day as far as intensity and length.  We will see!!


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  1. Thought I might share some coments b/c the last 3 days have been a great start to the week.

    10 rds
    2 squat cleans @ 225#
    3 muscle ups
    4 hspu
    12:23 (pr after a poor 18:21 a year ago)

    1000M Row, 10 muscle ups - 4:46 (pr)

    Watched a video of Graham doing this at 405# and I know I'm not there yet...
    3 rds
    1 mile run / 7 deadlifts @ 365#

    "Mary" - 13 rds + 5 hspu (pr)

    Close-grip bench 8x3

    -from the Froning and Graham video-
    70 ball slams
    60 jump+touch burpees (1ft above standing reach)
    60 hand-release push ups
    11:15 (pr)

    15 min AMRAP
    5 muscle ups
    15 GHD situps
    8 rds + 3 muscle ups

    10-1 Ladder
    wall ball
    cleans @ 135#
    kb swings 1.5 pood