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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Open WOD 11.3

I went to the box this morning before work....because I basically work everyday.....even holidays!!  I wanted to get 305# clean and Jerk so I started with that.  I wanted to get it on tape this time before Friday when I was going to originally do it, but I was impatient.  So here it went:

Clean & Jerk
265# x 1
285# x 1
295# x 1
305# x 1 (FAILED)
305# x 1 (FAILED)
305# x 1 (FAILED)
305# x 1 (FAILED)
305# x 1 (FAILED)
305# x 1 (FAILED)

As you may have noticed I failed a FEW times.  I wanted to power clean it, and had it at my chest every time but was not able to hold it.  Very frustrating which is why I tried so many times.  I have the videos but will not post them unless asked.  EMBARRASSING!!  Oh well.....we move on:

165# Clean and Jerk

My score
(70 in the open)

The bar felt very light but after 15 I slowed way down.  My goal is 45 in a few months and I think it is doable if I can get 10 more......that is a lot......so I need a lot of work.  After this I had to run home, shower and run off to work. 

We are going to a party tonight so I cannot train at all, which is a common theme with my schedule.  I try to get in what I can when I can.  Recently I have really liked my sleep a lot and have not wanted to wake up early to get guaranteed work in.  I need it and keep looking at it as positive as possible and not that I have 0 motivation to wake up.  I know the time will come when I am up EARLY soon enough for training.  For now I am enjoying the sleep.

I worked Open - Close yesterday so I did NOTHING.....sucks I know.....still need to get better though.


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  1. Mainsite cycle this morning:

    Alternating tabata 75# push press/ jumping lunges - score 120 reps for both

    3RM weighted pullup - 85# (pr)

    power cleans 135# / bar-facing burpees
    6:03 - not happy with this time but I had to remember it was the 3rd wod of the morning.

    This afternoon I felt creative. I almost never program my own wods, but this hybrid made for a great session. Not to mention I haven't used a leg press maching since high school. (we have one at the fire station)

    5rds - 10 leg press @ 225# / 10 strict pullups

    20 min AMRAP
    7 leg press @ 315# / 20 hand-release pushups
    11 rounds