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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Main Site and You Challenge

Today I did some work and felt pretty good. I started with Main Site from the other day. I was not sure how this was going to go....and it went bad.....burner!:

5 Rds
3 Power clean 225
20 burpees

My time

Then I deadlifted...building a good base here. Increasing 10lbs every week on 5 rep max:

Deadlift 5 rep
395# x 5
395# x 5

This is hard to stop myself when I want to keep increasing the weight. I told myself that I would only go up by 10 each week and see how high I can get before failing. Then I did You Challenge:

OHS 155
Bench press Bodyweight (182 bw...used 185#)

My time

This was a shoulder burner. Then I was pulling a sled with a rope tied on it like the games final event. Did this with 150#-200# for about 10-12 sets. This was a fun thing to play with. Good day of training and look forward to hanging with the fam on the day off. Get better!!!!


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