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Friday, September 23, 2011


I had a short layoff from a busy few days.....I took off Wednesday and then on Thursday I had a good day.  Started with:

Dirty Dozen

My time

I did this WOD a short while back and did it in10:29....so I was happy with the improvement.  I was even more happy knowing I had to keep walking to my handy dandy notebook to see what to do next.  I also had everything spread way out so transition time was slow.  After this I did:

5 Rep Max Deadlift
425 x 5

I was happy with being able to pull this pretty easy.  This is the most I have ever tried for 5.  Next week 435 x 5. 

I took off the rest of the day and we went and visited my family, cooked out and visited an apple orchard....which Jada loved!  It was fun watching her meal on apples and oooo and ahhh constantly.  It was a great day!

This morning I woke up and thought maybe a day off would be good because I know I will have a filled training day tomorrow and rest is good.  Until i realized my wife was about to leave for the Box.....do Lynne, and I had 3 hours until work.  Why not?   I went with her and brought my new vest:

5 Rds
Max Body weight bench (185#)
Max Pull ups (used a 30# weighted vest)

My scores
Bench: 23-18-15-13-14
Pull ups: 28-25-24-22-25

I rested quite a bit between Rds to make sure I could give a good effort.  I was happy with the reps I got while using the vest.....especially since I have never used a vest for pull ups before.  I will be using it a lot now!  I love the fit and I am hoping to see some more benefits from a new stimulus.  Maybe something may be in the mix tonight and in the morning bright and early to train with Doug and it looks like FRAN is on the agenda.  This will be the first time since breaking the collar bone and after today I am not sure how my lats will feel for her.   I am ready though!


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