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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fatigued and EMOTM back Squats

Here is the VIDEO from a few days ago when i did 305# CLEAN & JERK.  Ugly but it counts.

Today I felt good when I woke up....but not when I started another shoulder dominant WOD.  I am not sore but it made everything feel like I was heavier and weaker the way my shoulders felt.  I did another WOD from Brian:

Wall Climbs
Clean & Jerk 185#

My time

He told me to shoot for sub 6.....did not happen, and the clean and jerk felt like 225!  Not what I was expecting....couple that with wall climbs and you are not enjoying life in the moment.  It was a great WOD though and really exposed me again.  After this I did some Back Squats:

EMOTM as long as possible
Back Squat 225# x 7

My score
11 Rds + 4 Back Squats

This started to get real heavy and in minute 12 I dropped the bar off my back and did not want to pick it up.  I liked this,  a mental fight.  You have between :35 - :40 rest to think about how bad the next set will be.  I am not sure what I have planned for later.  It may involve a 2 Pood KB and some burpees....YAY BURPEES!!!  Getting better everyday.


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