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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Deadlift 5 Rep (PR)

Tomorrow is the normal day for me to do my 5 Rep Deadlift Max which brings me to 435 x 5 this week.  I know how deadlifting wrecks any ones back when you go heavy enough....so I decided to push it up a day because of the Life as RX competition this weekend in Chicago.  I am excited to see how this will play out and to compete.  This is the first day going in that my back does not feel very fresh.  It is tight especially in the lower lumbar.  This is the first thing I have planned to do tonight when I make it to the box. 

5 Rep Deadlift
435 x 5

The first WOD:

15 min AMRAP
5 MU's
15 GHD

My score
8 Rds + 10 GHD


Back Squat Ladder
145 x 20
185 x 15
235 x 12
265 x 10
285 x 8
305 x 7
315 x 6
325 x 5
335 x 4

I realized it was getting late and I had to get home to hang with the wife for a bit and get to bed early to getup early and coach the 5:30 am class.  I cut this short instead of working my way down to 1. 
I am really excited about the Life as RX competition....but....1 hick up....I was planning to compete on a team and one of the members, David Stowe, hurt his shoulder the other day and will not be competing.  Puts a damper on the team competition.  We will see what ends up going down once we get there.  I may go individual or both if possible.

And of course burpees in a bit.


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