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Thursday, September 15, 2011

CrossFit on ESPN2

Who would have thunk it....CrossFit on ESPN.....does this mean CrossFit is a sport.  Some may say yes and as always people may just say we are fast exercisers.  i am fine with both, as long as I, someday can be the "fastest exerciser' and have it shown on ESPN!  I had to work all day yesterday (open-close) so I was not able to watch the games on TV as they happened.....but I had a wife updating me.  

My wife:


"NIIIICCCCKKKKK......they had a black and white shot of you!!!!!"

"NIIICCCCKKKKK......there showing you on the rope"

"NIIICCCCKKKKK.....you are on ESPN!!!!"

"NIIICCCCKKKK.....this is crazy...your on ESPN!!"

These were on each commercial break...with a, "WOOWWW....they just had a ROGUE commercial and it was LEGIT!!!!".....Then she would say...."back on gotta go...click"   Needless to say she was enjoying it and I loved the enthusiasm.  When I got home I got the recap and watched it with her again.  It was pretty cool to see it on TV and know that this is only a small step the the direction CrossFit is headed. 

I have heard people say that this is not what CrossFit is and that it needs to stay Grassroots.....personally CrossFit is not something owned by a few individuals who feel they are the only ones aloud to be obsessed with this sport.  I feel the more people that can hear about it the better, because we are only helping them in taking control of their lives....which many people are in need of getting back.  i want CrossFit to reach as many people as possible and enable them to see the things we all fell in love with when it comes to CrossFit.  I am excited for the future and the people we will impact because of the Community!

To the training.  I took off yesterday and had a busy morning today where I could not fit a met-con in.  I did get to deadlift though:

5 Rep Deadlift
415 x 5

Next week is 425#.  This did not feel that bad even though I rushed it with only about 15 minutes to get it in.  After this I was off to work.   And then at lunch:

1 mile Run
1 min Rest
6 - 100M Sprints (under :14 each)

I ran back to the car trying to find a spot to do 50 burpees......it seemed everyone was out, and I don't normally get embarrassed.....but I decided to wait until I was home to do them for the sake of a crowd.  tonight I have  a lot planned and hope to get some good work in....burpees with a couple quick burners!  I love those.....getting better everyday!


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