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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Core is SHOT

Well as with yesterday I do not have much time to anything except in the afternoon......and I am planning some nice interval sprints potentially 200's and a good WOD.  But, boy oh boy is my core shot!!!  Lower back from the deads which I RUSHED through and got to my 435 x 5 in 10-15 minutes and then my abs from the GHD sit ups.  Those things knock you out especially when you do them in a 15 min AMRAP.  And I am now beginning to feel the results from the squats as well.  Since I was unable to finish all my sets I will not be in as bad of shape as I could have been......that is unfortunate because I missed out on getting a little better.  Not the less.....my core is SHOT.....and I NEED to keep working GHD sit ups.  They are a weakness of mine.

When I got home me and the Babes (Jada) went on a run around Trinity School which is probably just under 3 miles:

Trinity Run

My time

She loved it and then once she went to bed it was time to get it......well not to much, my body is wrecked and I want to be in decent form at the competition this Saturday.....so:

5 Rds
10 burpees
10 KBS 2 Pood

My time

My hands were really sweaty so I yelled to the wife to give me a towel.  She did and it helped.......then the aftermath. My upper back is on FIRE!  Feels great.  Calling it a day.  Light but you need these every once in awhile.  I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can hit a good WOD.

On a side note.  Again Faster is about to start their Beat the Team Competition.  It is going to be 8 WODs and the winner gets to be sponsored by them.  Pretty sweet and I like the concept.  Get Better!!!!


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