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Monday, September 26, 2011

10 Day Challenge....lets start small

Starting tomorrow I am putting my self on a 10 day challenge...a nutrition Challenge.  I eat very clean but since the Games I have noticed I "cheat" more often....making me feel "bad" more often.  Today topped it off.  Currently I am paying the price.  I took the day off and was going to go for a run on lunch....until I decided I would rather run with Jada after work.  So.....I went to the store and there....on center stage....a huge display of donuts.  Not a real weakness of mine....but I thought, ill check out what they have.  I have not had a donut in a long time.  And then....I noticed my mind thinking which to buy....and mind this was not 1 donut but a 15oz box of donuts.  Any type of donut you wanted and they had it.  So...I went with chocolate glaze devil donuts.  The name speaks for itself.  I then sat down and ate my donuts.....NOOOO...not all of them but about 12oz worth.  Feeling guilty I realized I cant bring these into work.  A) no one would believe i bought these B) no one would believe I ate them C) they would wonder why I only left 5 donuts out of about 25 or so donut holes.  So, lets say they do not know I bought them. 

This brings me to my challenge.  I have been cheating here and there with mainly grains and little candies at work.  Not to bad but enough to effect me.....so I will start back with some baby steps and it may turn into something more.  I still eat very clean but with to much cheating going on.  It will be a 10 day challenge to only eat clean Paleo.  Once the 10 days is up I will have a cheat and then prolong the challenge or wait again, but I need to get back in a better habit of saying "NO!"  I pride myself in my Will power but lately I seem to give in.  I work well with challenges and see this being a good way to start.  Tomorrow will be the day I begin.  I feel this is a good time as well because the Life as RX Tour is this weekend and I have a good training day coming up tomorrow.  I will take Jada on a LLOOOONNNNGG Run today to burn off some donuts then hit the Challenge.  Anyone is more then welcome to join me unless you feel comfortable with where you are.....in that case congrats, I am not!  I will use this to get better!


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