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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tough in the AM

I am trying to get back into the time here, but waking up at 6 or early is TOUGH.......I planned to wake up at 5:50 this morning and do a WOD in the basement before work..........did not happen.  I have just been to tired with the time change from LA and it is hard to wake up.  The WOD I had planned will be done tonight when i get home from work.  Today I did:

5 Rds (1 Min rest between Rds)

My score

HSPU strength leaves so FAST!  You do a bunch and then jump up for more only to find out you are gassed.....crazy how that works. 

Well, i get off work at 7:30 tonight and then plan to do a Back Squat WOD at home.  Should be fun!


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