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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sorry For Lack of Posts

I have been lazy at posting lately.  Mainly because I had some free time.  I had worked everyday since being back from LA and on Sunday I had a day off and another on Tue with travel in between to Ft Wayne so it was nice to relax.  I kept wanting to post, but really there was not much "good" training going on.  I did get a good day in yesterday though and started something new:

Shoulder Press 5 Rep Max
165 # x 5 (PR - not sure I have done this though, so we count it!)

Push Press 3 Rep Max
245# x 3 (PR)

then I did my new thing:

10 Rope Climbs for time

My time

I lost track and may have done 11, in any case this hurts.  This was my 3rd timed doing it and plan to do it every time I am in the box.  1st time was 4:18...2nd time was 3:38.  I was to get around 2:30 in the not SOOOO distant future.  After this I went to the dentist...got my teeth cleaned...then came back:

15 min AMRAP
12 Toes 2 Bar
9 Hand release push ups
7 Deadlift 275#

My time
9 Rds + 4 T2B

I liked this WOD and was exactly what I needed. 

I am also thinking about starting my 50 burpees but doing them 4-5 nights a week.  I feel such a benefit from these and have been seeing how my body has reacted in WODs without doing them.


Today I went out to lunch and hit a good run.  I ran the same distance I had done a few days ago at the park.  I ran it then in 19:32:

Park Run

My time
18:31 (PR)

It was about 50 M shorter because I did not start in the grass like last time.  In any case it was faster and I feel it can still get a lot faster.  As the weather cools off (or at least the humidity has died down) it gives me a better opportunity to run and dry off....LOTS of Cologne!  Tomorrow I start teaching the AM classes again at the gym. 


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