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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Snatch PR!!

I went to the Box about an hour before the wife to get some strength and WOD in before we did a WOD together.  I started with:

205# x 1
215# x 1
225# x 1
235# x 1 (PR)
245# x 1 (FAILED)

I was really excited because I thought I would be able to get 245#......I had it over head but just a little in front of me and I fell forward with it.  I was still happy with a PR.....I am feeling stronger and I hope to keep PRing.

Next I did the You Challenge WOD from Bobby Noyce.....I put a twist on it though.  the WOD was 3 Power cleans EMOTM until completing 500 DU's.  I changed it to Power Snatch with 185#:

EMOTM 185# Power Snatch until 500 DU's completed

My time

I did the first 3 Rds with 3 Power Snatches and then changed it to 2 because I would have not been able to complete it very easily.   Knowing what I had next made this a great decision....  The workout started with the 3 Snatches even though after I finished I remembered it was supposed to start with DU's.  Oh well.

Chels arrived and then we did Main Site from the other day....it was brutal:

5 Rds
15 deadlifts 185#
15 Toes 2 bar

My time

I am not happy with my time.  I was talking to much and complaining about how I could not see the clock and I thought it was going to time out since we were using my wife's phone.  My head was not in it, but I did still push.  I was hoping for 6 minutes.....and of course things are not as we always hope.  I feel good about this morning.  getting better is the name of the Game right now.


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