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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Light deadlifts

I am not sure why but I have thought that light deadlifts are.....well.....light. My mind changed in a competition last year where I found out how wrong I was. A light deadlift can turn heavy in instant. I found this out again this morning. But first.....last night I did a WOD while the neighbors had a party, and of course they watched:

5 Rds
30 KBS 2 Pood
20 Box Jumps 30'

My time

This was horrible. I need to continue working on my KBS. I as only able to go unbroken on my first Rd, after that I broke them up into multiple sets. Then came this morning....so called light deadlifts:

8 Rds
10 Deadlift 185#
5 Burpees

My time

This was a burner. the goal.....to keep moving. I recommend trying this if you can. The 2011 Crossfit Games showed it is not always going to be a HEAVY dead, but can be anything. Sometimes this hurts more then heavy dads because you CAN keep picking up the bar, where as heavy reads limiting you from picking up the bar. Really enjoyed this one.


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