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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kudos to jada

I did my back Squat WOD last night.....and thanks to Jada she gave me some extra time to recover.  i was in the middle of it when Chelssie came home and Jada came strolling down the stairs.  I finished my 2nd set and had to bring her back upstairs and was able to take a few minutes to recover and continue:

Unbroken Back Squats (Rest between sets as needed)
95#   x 50
115# x 40
135# x 30
155# x 20
185# x 10

Total time

I kept a clock running and went unbroken on every set to see how long it would take.  A couple times they were longer rests then I would have liked, but I may not have went unbroken without them.  Great WOD.

I was still unable to wake up this morning.  So.....I did some push ups and will hit a WOD tonight when i am off work:

5 Min Max Hand Release Push ups

My score

These push ups suck.....but I will get better!


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