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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Front Squat Ladder

I ended up only doing 1 of the 2 WODs I talked about yesterday.  I did the 15 Min AMRAP: 10 SDHP - 15 Hand Release Push up.  The weight on the SDHP was to light for this type of WOD.  i went unbroken the whole way except on the Push ups.  They are not fun and burn you out quick.  115# would have been a better weight for the SDHP.  I got 13 Rds + 3 SDHP.

This morning I decided to head to the box to do some Front Squats and start something new:

Front Squat Ladder
135# x 15
185# x 12
205# x 10
225# x 9
245# x 8
255# x 6
265# x 5
275# x 4
285# x 3
295# x 2
305# x 1

This felt good and I liked the set up.  I ended up having to rest in between sets longer then normal.....the whole thing took about 26 Minutes.  I planned to do a WOD after but my lower back did not want me to so I listened.  i do have a fun one for tonight though!


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