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Monday, August 29, 2011

Clean & Jerk PR!!

Today I was wishy washy on whether to go on a run at lunch.  They were setting up for a festival and there were tents and people all over.....I did it anyway.....not like it was anything crazy though.  I did the Park run....and FASTER!!

Park Run

My time

I felt good but know at some point I will stop cutting a minute off my time every run.  Brian Yoak told me to run it in a weighted vest....fortunately for me I do not have one.....but that would be a grueling run!!  After work I headed to the gym an a big surprise:

Power Clean 1 Rep
295 (PR)
305 then Jerked it! (PR)

My old PR was 285#.....and after easily power cleaning 295# I knew I would get 305# and HAVE to throw it over head.  I nailed it!  I then tried to squat clean 315#, but it fell forward on me.  Still very excited.  I will be going for 315 next week and taping it.  Next I did a WOD from Brian:

For time:
8 Turkish Get ups 2 Pood KB
30 T2B
30 T2B
30 T2B

-2 Min Rest-

Max Shoulder Press 95#

Then I worked on some OHS:

Overhead Squat x 5
215# x 5
235# x 5
265# x 4 (FAILED 5)

I was in the whole and unable to stand up on the last rep.  My hands were numb from the weight, and I was so CLOSE!  It was getting late and I wanted to see Jada and Chels so I headed home. 

Coaching the 5:30 tomorrow morning and then training for a few hours.  THIS WILL BE FUN....Get better!!


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