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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Double

I doubled up Isabel the other day and figured why not Grace:

Fat bar Grace
-2 min rest-
Fat bar Grace 165#
-2 min rest-
50 box jumps 30'

My times
2:50 - 4:22 - 2:50

Awesome WOD.  I then came in side watched some Sports center and then went down to deadlift.  I worked up to 425#:

425# x 1
425# x 1

I tried to do 445# but I could not get the weights to stay on the bar.  I will get some tape and try this again.  I really enjoyed the double Grace and those Box Jumps were no joke.  I used the Reebok Oly shoes and on the box jumps they work awesome.  I am going to be testing these on different movements to see how well they work.  Rope Climbs get a big THUMBS UP!


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