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Thursday, August 18, 2011

5:30 AM

I finally started coaching again.  It felt good and I was able to even work out with the class......because it was small.  Before they got there though I did We did:

5 Rds
4 Min to complete (continuous Running Clock)
400 M Run
Max Back Squat 135#

My score

Score was total number of Back Squats completed and they were pulled from the ground. This was good.  I took it away and ran with the group and pushed a decent amount on the squats.  This would have been bad going all out.  Next up was:

Tabata Pull ups

My score

I wanted 12 the whole way but on my last Rd I had to drop, and once I dropped I kept dropping.  I ended up finishing the 12 but not in the time cap.

I have been very busy, but on top of that I have had some sciatic pain that has slowed me.  I am not pushing to hard to try to get over it.  I can roll out and it goes away for me to workout....but I still am taking it easy.  Hopefully this goes away quick.  It has been painful since right after the games.


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