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Monday, July 4, 2011

Rest Day

Lat night I went out to the track and did some running work:

1400 M Run
-3 Min Rest-
1200 m Run
-2 Min Rest-
800 M Run
-1 Min Rest-

My times
6:29 (6:22)
5:24 (5:01)
3:32 (3:15)
1:27 (1:25)

The parenthesis is the last time I did this.  I felt slow on this and need to get my mile under 6 again.  I do take into account my morning workouts and that my back was really tight running during my mile and loosened up as I went.  I am taking off the rest of the day with plans to go to Ft Wayne and beat myself up with Anthony.  It should be fun/  Planning some heavy long duration WODs.


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