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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rest Day Yesterday....Light day today....8 DAYS!!

Yesterday I took the day off, COMPLETELY.  I worked from open to close so that helped.  So....this morning I was ready for the morning.  Did not go real hard but got some good work in:

395# x 3 EMOTM until failure

Next I did what Rich Froning did on the video that was posted on Main Site:

30 Squat Snatch 135#
-5 Min Rest-
30 MU's

Then I did 3 sets of Max Dips. And then did:

1 Min Max Deadlifts 315#

I did 10 unbroken and dropped, back was tight and only got 6 more.  Not what I was shooting for but happy to get the work in.  When I got home I took Jada on a run and went at a pretty good clip in order to keep her from crying......she needed a nice breeze with the heat.  Lets just say I was DRENCHED.....LOVE IT!!!!  

After work I will be going home to my wife having a party with her lady friends.....so I will be in the garage doing a WOD:

Garage Axel WOD
5 Axel Bar Power Clean 185#
9 Burpees

My time
-Posted later-

This will be a good one and should have me calling it a day.  8 DAYS!!!!!


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