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Saturday, July 2, 2011


I did this WOD May 15th and got 10:59 So I was happy with the PR.  I knew at the time that my time would not be great so I was happy to bring it down so much.  It was also nice because I worked out with my brother-in-law Broc:

4 Rds
10 Clean & Jerk 135#
15 C2B
200 M Run

My time

After this WOD I did some deadlifting.  I have Diane planned tonight because I did not have the time last night to hit it up:

12 Deadlift 205 until Failure (or you quit)

I did 7 Rds and quit.  Every Rd was finished in :18 sec except the last one I broke up and finished in :26 sec.  It was a good one and I may do more similar to this.  Taking it easy today and will hit 1 or to short things tonight.  Tomorrow will be fun.....I am creating the agenda and it is looking good!!!!


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