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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yesterday I was in Ft Wayne Training and the day before (Monday) I took off from training.  I went and visited a buddy to train with him and had a plan to hit Miagi somewhere along the way.  This was a WOD that Dan Bailey had done awhile ago at Rogue and sent it to me to try.  It looked brutal.....so I knew I had to do it.  We started the day off with a short met-con to warm up:

Hang power clean 95#
Pull ups

My time

This one was worse then anticipated.  it left my biceps feeling like 2001 when I had just finished blowing them out with bicep curls!!!!  It worried me to think Miagi was only a few minutes away.  We tried to stretch them out but realized it was useless......time for Miagi:

50 Deadlifts 135#
50 Double KBS 1.5 Pood Russian style (swing to shoulders not overhead)
50 Push ups hand release
50 Clean and Jerks 135#
50 Pull ups
50 Taters (KBS to shoulder then flip bell and catch it and do a goblet squat)
50 Box Jumps
50 Wall Climbs
50 Knee to Elbows
50 DU's

My time
(Mikko Salo 29:49, Dan Bailey 33:13, Graham Holmberg 38:06)

I obviously wanted it to be faster but you can only go as fast as you can climb the wall.

This WOD was horrible......the worst had to be the Wall Climbs......in fact there is no doubt that it was the WALL CLIMBS.  Time melted of the clock during these and it made everything else seem like a walk in the park.   And the SWEAT>......Geeze.....during the wall climbs I created a pool of sweat that I used as a slip-n-slide coming off the wall.  unfortunately those are much more fun then what I was doing.  When we were both finally done we moved on to some strong man moves.

We grabbed a 88# KB and put just under 500# on a yoke.  We set up 50ft down and back and while one person was walking the yoke the other did 10 KBS with the 88#er.  Unfortunately on my second Rd I felt a twinge in my back and called it right there.  I did not want to push it anymore with the games being so close.  I was really upset because I wanted to get  a lot more work in.  There was still one thing I could do though and not worry about the back:

Bench Press 1-10-1-20-1-30

285# x 1
225# x 9 / 1
275# x 1
185# x 19 / 1
275# x 1
135# x 30

The goal of this was not for time but instead for load.....my problem is that I do not rest well.  I always jump into the next set, so having Anthony slow me down was nice.  I tried 300# but failed.....for my sets of 10 and 20 I failed the last rep......REALLY the last rep.  with both I had them about 3 inches from total lock out but it just was not happening.  I was happy considering I NEVER bench.  I think in the last year I have bench pressed 2 times not counting yesterday.  I was also planning to have my chest and triceps blown from this, not the case.  I feel great.....we may get a chance to see DOMS tomorrow......who knows.

I plan to take today and tomorrow almost completely off except for some skill or accessory work.  Nothing major.  I work ALL day today and won't have time if I wanted to.  But, sometimes recovery is the BEST time to get better!


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