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Friday, July 1, 2011

Indy North AMRAP

There was a 20 Min AMRAP that I have had on my mind for awhile.  I had it scheduled for this morning as one of my later WODs.....I started with:

For Time
500 M Row
10 MU's
-2 Min Rest-
500 M Row
10 MU's

My time 3:39 each Rd

I then took a 5 Min rest:

5 Rds
15 SDHP 75#
15 Thrusters 75#

My time

I did this WOD months ago and crushed this time.  I am not sure what happened but I know mentally I let myself rest a long time and did not push because it HURT!.....I will try again with an audience and see if it can change my time.  next was the 20 Min AMRAP:

20 Min AMRAP
10 Wall Balls
10 C2B
10 Box Jumps 24'

My score
13 Rds + 9 C2B

This was a good WOD and the hardest part was the C2B.  Next I decided to do some heavy lifting but I was really fatigued and I was not able to go very heavy:

185 x 1
205 x 1
215 x 1 Failed
225 x 1
235 x 1 Failed

I failed 215 but I felt confident i could hit 225 so I went up and it worked.  i was pretty fatigued at this point but i still tried Clean and jerks:

Clean & jerk
235 x 1
255 x 1
275 x 1 FAILED

I tried 275 a few times but i did not have enough in the tank.  I do need to do this while I am not tired to see what I can get.

Later at lunch I did anew WOD

5 Rds
30 KBS 2 Pood EMOTM
-1 Min Rest-

If you dont get 30 a minute you have to do a 1k row penalty for each Rd you do not get 30:

My score

At night Chels made me do my Burpees:

50 burpees

HURT as usual

Lets say i missed 4 Rds and am supposed to do a lot of rowing.  We will see how that goes considering I hate to Row.  I will do it though.....I have to get better....at EVERYTHING!


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