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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Diane PR and OHS PR!

I had to throw this in first.  I did Diane last night with my wife and brother-in-law watching:

2:02 (PR)

I was stoked!!!  I knew I would PR (old PR 2:30)  but I had not idea that much.  here is the vid:

On to this morning-

This morning I was ready to get some work in before work.  Somewhat of a normal routine now.  I enjoy it though and it helps get me through the day.  When I do not make it to the gym early in the morning it leaves me on edge.....something that is hard for me to deal with.....it effects my entire day and has me staring at the clock until I can finally get in and do some work.  This is why I need to be able to train all year Rd.....Anyone want to hire me to do that?  I didn't think so.....but I can dream.....in the mean time....the work:

4 Rds
4 MU's
8 KB Snatch 1.5 Pood

My time

The rings got uneven and really frustrated me.  I was playing with them and it really effected my time.  I was shooting for low 4 on this.....that didn't happen so I shrugged it off.  Next:

5 min AMRAP
3 Deadlift 275#
7 Push Press 115#

My score
9 Rds + 1 Deadlift

I was feeling it on the deads from yesterday, but I was still able to keep moving.  When I finished I started on my OHS.  It started slow but ended with a PR!!!

5 Rep OHS Max
265# x 5

This was a PR by 20#.  Granted I do not do this to often....I was still happy and it left my wrists hurting from the pressure.  I wasn't sure how the next piece of the day would go.  I had seen a friend, Dan Tyminski, do a WOD a i wanted to try it.

50 Power Clean 225#

My time

I knew it was slow and I could feel my body tired......but his time was blazing 5:50 something.  I am going to do this again just for the heavy loads for high reps and to see how much more I can increase the intensity.  After this I headed home and hope to hit a couple good WODs tonight and take off on the 4th.  Maybe go to a baseball game.  So far it has been a good day!


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