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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Alarm didn't go off

As I lay asleep a soft voice wakes me up.  "You decided to stay home" Chels says, "huh....."  still half asleep.  I grab my phone and see it is 7:00 AM.  What!!!!!  I overslept.....I check the alarm and see it is set to go off on Wed....and only Wed.....stupid auto set.  My "PLAN" was to get up and get some work in at the box.  That did not happen.....but.....I did get to grab Jada out of bed which was even better and then I did some work at home:

50 Power Cleans 225#

My time

I was happy with this time but still know I can go faster. Next I went to the track:

20  100M Sprints
Make each run in under :20 sec and then rest :20 sec
I made every run in about :17 sec. 

I wore my new Reebok shoes I was given at the Reebok facility yesterday and they had my right foot burning from not being broken in and running on the hard surface.  Still they were much better then my old running shoes.  They are the new U-Form shoes that will be coming out in December.  After this I headed to the basement for a met-con.

10 Deadlifts 225#
10 Push ups hand release

My score
7 Rds + 4 DL

I went unbroken the whole way until my last 4 deads.  I ended up dropping each rep.  Still a good WOD and helped finish me off from the deadlifting I did last night.  I was going to try to pull 415# x 5 but my hands were to sweaty.....I did 415# x 2 and then pulled a bunch of singles and then pulled some singles at 425#.  Felt good.  Bryn gave me some more plates to take home so I could get more then 395# on the bar at home.  Unfortunately I can only fit 425# on the bar since I only have Bumper plates and no steel plates.  Still happy that I could pull this easily.  425# for multiples at the box next week (I will use chalk).

At lunch today I went out to the park and did some KBS:

5 Rds (1 min on 1 Min off....get 30 swings each Rd or as many as possible)

My score
30-26-24-24-24 = 128 total

This is better then the last few times I did this.  Hope to hit a good met-con tonight!!!  getting better before the Games!!!


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