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Sunday, July 24, 2011


5 DAYS.....just in case you were not sure how long was left until the Games begin!!!

On the 21st i did a WOD at night and forgot to post the results:

Garage Axel WOD
5 Axel Bar Power Clean 185#
9 Burpees

My score
6 Rds + 9 burpees. 

My garage was HOT but had to do it there because Jada was sleeping and the wife was having a ladies party.  Anyway it was a good one.

Yesterday I hit two WODs after we went to the Fair to watch many people from Crossfit South Bend compete in the Strongman competition.  There were some good showing and it was a blast to see all of them compete and do so well.  proud of everyone that competed.  After the comp I dropped Chels and Jada off and headed up to the box:

For Time and Reps
Max MU's
200 M run
Max Push Jerk 185#
200 M run
Max Pull ups
200 M run
Max Back Squat 185#
200 M run
Max KBS 2 Pood
200 M run
Max Power Clean 185#
200 M run

My time

My scores

I was very sweaty and it was difficult to hold on to the bar or bell.  This one was not fun.  I had planned to do 2 Rds but changed it once I got to my senses.  I took about a 15-20  min rest and then hit a Main site WOD from a couple days ago:

3 Rds
10 OHS 135
50 DU's

My time

I was pretty upset because I messed up my double A LOT, but to still get that time made me feel good.  Without any mess ups I could see this being done VERY quickly.  I called it a day and went to a 70's party where I finally did something I had always wanted to do.  I jumped out of a pool with no hands.  It was pretty cool.  After I got it I did 3 back to back jumping in and out.  Pretty cool.....I thought.

Today I planned to take off and hit my last WOD, but changed my mind this morning.  Instead I ran about 2.5 miles around the neighborhood.  It took me 17:07.  Felt good.  Later tonight I will be doing some deadlifting and hit my last WOD tomorrow.....unless I can get something simple in on Tuesday.

5 Days to get better, recover, and compete....Excited is an understatement!!!


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