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Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Challenge WOD 21-15-9

Yesterday I took off other then some burpees:

100 Burpees

This was a PR by 4 sec....but I must say I wanted to quit just after 50 and I struggled to gut through it.  I was able to have an awesome meal afterwards which was my motivation to finish.

Today I woke up nice and early to hit some WODs I had planned.  First was this weeks You Challenge WOD.  It was heavy with a lot of skill involved.

You Challenge WOD 21-15-9
21 Thrusters 135#
21 C2B
15 Squat Snatch 155#
15 MU's
9 Squat Clean 185#
9 Push Press 185#

My time

This WOD was horrible and I felt like I was moving so SLOW with how heavy this WOD was.  I video taped it and noticed I wasted a lot of time.  I should have this posted soon.  After:

Push Jerk from the Back
295# (FAILED)
315# (FAILED 3 times)

The 295 felt easy but I still failed it so I moved up since I was fatigued from the You Challenge WOD but was unable to hold the weight OH.  I was upset with what happened next.  My plan was to now go for a PR on Filthy Fifty.  Unfortunately the clock got unplugged at 6:29 and I have no idea what my time was.  I do know 1 thing.....it would have been a PR!!!  Which means I will be doing it again soon:

Filthy 50

My time


Back Squat 3-3-Max
275# x 3
315# x 3
335# x 5

I felt good on this and hope to increase my back squat quite a bit in the coming months.  When I finished my set we had an on-ramp class doing a WOD that I HAD to jump in on.  I love this random side of CrossFit.  This was not planned:

Squat Clean 135#
GHD Sit up

My time

I scaled up and it proved to make a big difference.  Loved it though!  I am planning to hit my park WOD later today with DU's and KBS.....that should be fun.  Then possibly another WOD tonight when I am home.  Getting better everyday!!!

Today was hot outside at lunch.....and it hurt doing the DU and KBS WOD:

The Park 100
100 DU's
100 KBS 2 Pood
100 DU's

My time
10:05 (10:21 last week)

It really hurt and i started feeling the effect of todays WODs.  I am highly doubting that I will be doing anything more tonight after the way I felt after this WOD.  Great day!


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