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Sunday, June 26, 2011

WRECKED...after a rest day?

I thought yesterdays "Rest Day" would help me feel more recovered......not the case....I still feel wrecked so I am going to tone it down for a few days, having my Mom in town will help with that.  This way I can get back to feeling fresh and then wreck myself again!!!  Sounds like fun.

Last night Chels and I did our Burpees together.....she was not to thrilled about it:

50 Burpees

25 burpees

This morning I got up bright and early and hit the gym:

Main Site
800 M Run
30 MU's
800 M Run

My time

My slpits were 3:11 for the first 800, 8:25 when I finished my last MU and then back in from the last run at 11:42.  what is crazy is that the *:25 after the run and MU's beats my PR for 30 MU's.......I am getting better at them obviously.  After this I took about 15 Minutes and then hit the You Challenge WOD:

20 Min Continuous Clock
5 Min Nate
5 Min 315 DL
5 Min Cindy
5 Min 135# Squat Clean Thruster

My score

I did 5 Rds + 1 MU for Nate - 22 DL - 7 Rds + 8 Push ups Cindy - 26 Sq Clean Thruster.  Thus WOD hurt and was rough on the shoulder after the initial WOD.  After a quick drink:

Shoulder Press
115# x 5
135# x 5
155# x 2

This showed that my shoulder is not right.  I was struggling to press with my left side.  The right side went up fast but my left side did not want to raise the bar.  Frustrating but I will keep working on it.  The static start is what did it for me.  Then I did 1 more and almost quit because I was hurting at this point:

3 Rds
300 M Row
Max Burpees
Each Rd is 2 Min w/ 90 sec. Rest

My score

Score is the number of burpees completed in the 2 minutes.  I plan to lay off on the Workload the next few days to let myself recover.  Hopefully I will feel great to hit it again in a few days.  Having my Mom in town for the next few days will help.  I am very excited to see her and my little brother.

Tomorrow should be a 1 WOD day with some strength and I will spend the rest of the time with family and NO work....I am off the next 2 days.


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