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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Training Partner

I train very early and mainly alone.  Not how I would like it....but it is how it is.  Today though I had a buddy come up with his brother to train with me.  We had a good day and it was nice to have a extra push with someone around.  We started out with the You Challenge WOD I came up with this week:

You Challenge
12 Min AMRAP
5 Clean & Jerk
7 Burpees
9 Front Squat 155

My score
6 Rds + 4 Clean & Jerk

You use the same bar in this WOD and take the weight from the ground.  After Rd 2 i was breaking up all the front squats 5-4 and I dropped every rep on the clean and jerk.  You just gut the burpees out.  After this we did Max Snatch:

Squat Snatch
235 Failed

I thought I had 235, but it just was not happening today.  Next:


My time

This was tough and I really felt it in the legs.  We finished it with a horrible WOD:

5 Deadlift 315
25 MU's
10 Deadlift 315
50 Thrusters 95
15 Deadlift 315
50 GHD

My time

This WOD was brutal and the Deads were hard coming off the MU's because your hands were tender.  Overall it was a good day and great to have someone to train with.  I am hoping to get out to some boxes and train with some different people. I am planning to do another WOD later tonight at home.....I may not do burpees since they were in my WOD, but you never know!


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