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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tapering......I have no idea

I hear all the time about athletes tapering for a big event (Crossfit Games) in order to be at peak performance.  I....have no idea how to do this properly.  Normally when I say i am going to "taper" I scare myself out of trying anything because I think it will make me sore, while also thinking that I am getting worse for not doing anything.  So......I normally workout early and often while training, so what I have decided to do is stop myself from doing this.  instead i wait until the afternoon allowing myself to only have a short period of time for a WOD.  Thus.....lowering my workload and allowing for what I call.....my "tapering." 

This makes me feel good that I am doing something and also helps me to be well rested when Regioals start.  I started my "taper" on Sunday when I took the day off and did a met-con on Monday and plan to do 1 or 2 short met-cons tonight.  then tomorrow go on a nice bike ride with my family and then head to Columbus on Thursday.......ready to go on Friday.  I am also taking Friday as somewhat of a rest day as well.  The WODs are not brutal enough to leave you wrecked, even though the 30 minutes right after WOD 1 is some of the worst pain you will ever feel....but it subsides.  Saturday will be the big day.  I am excited for all 3....but Saturday is the day i feel counts the most.....I am prepared and excited to see what will happen.

Yesterday I started to do:

10 Min AMRAP
7 Hang Clean 135#
10 Box jump 30"

I had 5 Rds down in under 5 minutes and then the neighbors kept staring at me as I would jump on the box and my head would pop over the Fence.  They were all outside (family of 5) eating dinner.  i felt awkward so I stopped and moved the box to the front of the house and took about 3 minutes and decided to do 5 Rds.  So it ended up being:

5 Rds
7 Hang Clean 135#
10 box Jump 30"

-3 Min Rest-

5 Rds
7 Hang Clean 135#
10 box jump"

My time for each was less then 5 minutes....but was faster on the 2nd set.  And it was much worse then I thought it would be.  Tonight will be something high rep, low weight. 

I am getting  better....and plan to do all I can to make it to the Games.....I was not supposed to be in this position of being at Regionals after my broken collar bone, so I am going to soak in this opportunity and Cherish it.  Life could not be better!

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  1. Good luck, I'm so excited for you and Chels to be able to experience all this!