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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Surreal Life

I cannot believe what is going on.  Three days in from moving onto the 2011 Reebok Crossfit Games....still cannot believe it!  So much stuff has happened in the last 3 days that I never dreamed of.  I will keep everyone informed as things move forward but some ig things may be brewing.....in any case I have began my training for the Games:

Yesterday 6/13/11

Open WOD 1
30 DU
15 Power Snatch 75#

My score
8 Rds


Main Site Swim WOD:
7 Rds
50 M Swim (I did more like 60M)
25 Push up (hand release)

My time

The swim WOD was a first and left the shoulders pretty fried.  I liked it and plan to do some more swimming WODs. 

Today I went to the gym early and had some fun:

Wall Ball
Hang Power Clean 115#

My time

Then I did Clean and Jerks up to 265#.  I failed at 275.  My shoulders are really tight and I need to start going heavier overhead.  After the Clean and Jerks I did more Clean and Jerks:

2 Clean and Jerks 225#

Failed 1 rep on Min 5.  Other then that it really started to get tough to press it in the later rounds.  I came up with the next one on the fly:

10 Min AMRAP
3 MU's
10 GHD
36ft Sandbag (100#) Sprint down and back
10 Hammer Swings ea arm (12lbs)

My score
5 Rds + 1 MU

This one was good but it needed to be longer.  I decided to play with some pull ups since I need to get these build back up:

Tabata Pull ups

I really felt these in the biceps.  I am going to do some max KBS tonight and burpees.  Should be fun!

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