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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

REEBOK Sponsorship

After I left Regionals I had a couple offers for Sponsorship come my way and decided today that I would sign with Reebok.  The decision was difficult because I was not sure if I should go with a big company or a smaller one.  After talking it over with a lot of people I feel that Reebok gives Crossfit and Me the biggest opportunity to help the sport.  Reebok is able to put money into Crossfit allowing a larger audience to learn about and benefit from Crossfit and being able to be a part of that growth is awesome.  I enjoy watching people succeed in Crossfit and having the ability to impact more people on a larger scale is awesome.  I will be officially signing today and hope that our partnership will last a long time.  It is an exciting time for me with the Games just around the corner and with the rise of Crossfit gaining momentum every day.  I look forward to what is to come.

As far as my training goes, today is a Rest Day but I am planning to hit a short run at some time.  Again, I am excited and plan to only get better!!!

I went on a 17:28 run at a pretty good click.  There was a nice breeze and a storm was passing through so it was a nice run in some cool temperatures.  I am thinking it was around a 2.5 mile run in a nice local park.  I am excited for tomorrow to hit some new WODs from Patrick Cummings and get some good training in!

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