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Thursday, June 30, 2011

If You Read this Blog

I am not sure who reads this Blog (if anyone) or stumbles upon it (accidently or on purpose).  But, if you do I am assuming you are interested in Crossfit........if so I would love to see some responses to this:

Who do you think will win the Crossfit Games?
(This is for MEN, WOMEN, AFFILIATES, MASTERS or your choice of any)

What WOD / Movements would you like to see at the Games?

You can answer 1 or all or none if you choose.  This is just an inquiry of mine.  If you do not know anyone competing I can fill you in and put some information up on certain athletes.  Thanks in advance!


  1. On them women's side, I can't imagine anyone other then Annie T or Kristan winning. There just seems to be a huge divide between them and the rest of the field in terms of overall ability (and that was reflected in the sectionals results as well).

    1. Annie T
    2. Kristan C
    3. Camille (she could surprise everyone and win it as a dark horse, she looked great in the regionals videos)

    On the men's side, I really think its much more of a toss up, with it coming down to it just "being someone's day" the way it was with Holmberg last year. It'll be someone that has no gaps in skill specific stuff (mikko not having great doubles, annie t not having great muscle ups, etc) that will win on the men's side.

    Someone like Speal or Bailey could podium again, but I don't see a smaller athlete winning the whole thing - it just takes 1 event to take them out of the running for the top spot.

    1. Mikko
    2. Rich
    (I think there's a chance they pull away from the field as much as Kristan and Annie do)
    3. Dan B
    (3rd will be at least 15 points behind 2nd, how's that for a prediction?!)

  2. I agree on both the men and the women. If anyone beats Kristen or Annie I will be shocked. With the men I think aboit 10 guus or so have a.shot.depending on what comes out the hopper, we will find out shortly. I am excited to see how everythong will play out with all the predictions that are out there.

  3. Hi Nick! I hop on your blog from Chelssies. We went to hs together. Anyhow, I wish you luck in Cali. You have come very far from your collar bone accident. You should be pretty proud of yourself!

    Both my hubby and are quite interested in crossfit, just have no idea what its about. There's one in our city. Seems like it sure works. Chels looks amazing and seems to really enjoy it, (were friends on fb!)

    Good luck! Hope you win something!

    Allison Jones