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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The obnoxious LLLLLAAAAA makes me feel good.  It still has not hit me and is very surreal that I am heading to LA for the 2011 Reebok Crossfit Games!  This is truly a dream come true and one that I thought would have to wait for another chance.  But....fortunately that is not the case. I am also very happy because I am not near peak.  The injury took me back a few steps but allows me to build back up and be prepared in 6 weeks for what awaits!

Central East Regional 3rd place finish:

7:31 (2nd Place)

245# Thruster ladder 5th Place tie)

Wod 3
5:13 (14th Place)

19:29 (5th Place)

5:28 (5th Place)

9:36 (4th Place)

These WODs were brutal and I surprised myself in 3 of them.  I had been most scared about WOD 3.  21-15-9  Deadlift 315 - Box jump 30".  I had done it 4 times and 6:38 was my fastest time.  I had told my wife I needed sub 5:30 and if I did that it would put me under 20th place and in a decent spot.  But I knew I could only have 1 WOD under 15th place overall in order to be confident in moving on.  That happened and here we go.

As for WOD 1 I cant believe I have the 2nd fastest time in the world!

WOD 6 also had me worried when I saw the 1st heat go and put up some blazing times considering my fastest time was 11:27 when I did it and I thought that was fast.  So, when I finished and saw 9:36 i was ecstatic!!!

I crossed the finish line of the last WOD thinking, "did I do it?  I was looking around for confirmation and I found it.....My wife was jumping up and down screaming....I turned around.....and saw a camera in my face!!!!  I stuck my tongue out and said....."I AM GOING TO LA!!!!!!!"  I did it!

Unreal.....so unreal....I cannot wait to get to my training.  I ran 18:28 this morning and am planning to do Death by 10's later and then begin my training for the Games tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone who came out and supported the event and myself as well as those who followed online.  This is a dream come true and I will do everything I can to make everyone proud!!!!  THANK YOU ALL!  I will keep getting better!!!!!!


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