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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting Close....Real Close

I am confident...but not to confident...there are days where I have no doubts that I will be standing in the Home Depot Center....and others where I know I need to do some unbelievable things in order to secure a spot.


Yesterday I had a great training day where I did WOD 5

Regional WOD 5:

I failed on a few MU's as well a Snatch.  That hurt me and I must maintain composure in this one to drop my time.  Next:

Regional WOD 6:
20 Calorie Row
30 Burpee on Plate
40 G2OH 45# DB
50 T2B
100 ft Walking Lunge 45# Plate OH
150 ft Sprint

My time

This one is all about the DB G2OH and the T2B.  I want sub 11 on this (I know I will be in the top 14...just hope top 3) in order to feel strong about my time.

I came back in the afternoon and did WOD 3:

Regional WOD 3:
Deadlift 315#
Box Jump 30'

My time

This is the only WOD I feel could potentially keep me out of The Games.  I am doing what I can to improve this and I know the time will drop with adrenaline and a good games plan. After this WOD I jumped into the class WOD:

Box WOD:
50 Wall balls
40 DU's
30 KBS 2 Pood
20 Lunges 95# BB (10 each leg)
10 Box Jump 36'

My time

This was much better then it looked on paper.  I ended up breaking the KBS and the Lunges.  I called it a day after this and went home with the wife for a nice night together.

Today 6/1/11

I came to the box in the morning and hit WOD 1:

1000 M Run
1000 M Row

My time

This WOD just HURTS!!!!!  I had very little push in my run and my Row...unbroken on the HSPU.....I am excited to see how I do when competition is right next to me.  I would love to get sub 8 and think it is very possible for me.  Next:

Main Site for 6/1/11:
Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

My weight
225-235-245-255-265 (F)-265 (F)

265 was tough to get under today.  I jumped right into Regional WOD 2 after this:

Thruster Ladder
155-165-175-185-185-205-215-225-235-245 (F)

Again I used strict standards and know I can get 255# (I got that last week) but know that 235# is going up easy, I need to get 245# and I will feel great. 

I have some plans to do more today if I can fit it in.  If not tomorrow will be a busy day and then I will start to taper down for the rest of the week until Regionals.

Thank you everyone for your support!  It has been and will continue to be a fun ride!  Getting better everyday!

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