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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting Closer

Every moment is a moment closer to the beginning....the beginning of an ending.....the beginning of the start.  The end to the training year up until this point, Regionals, and the beginning of a journey that has been traveled all year.  Through PR's to injury it has all happened....and made me stringer.  I will put it all on the line, my training, my heart, my passion, my motivation, my go, my whatever it takes.  I plan to be standing on the podium ready to continue the journey to the 2011 Crossfit Games.

Now....onto my training. I had "Planned" to take off today, maybe some active rest.....until I talked to my coach.....my wife.  I was getting ready to lay down to bed when I said, "I am going to take a rest day tomorrow."  A simple statement I thought.....not to my wife...."What?!  No your not, you haven't woke up early the last 2 days, I know you worked out but you didn't go early!"  Me not going early now had me getting up early to train I assumed, "OK I will wake up at 6 and train"....so I quickly came up with a plan.  here is how it went:

3 Rds
30 KBS 1.5 Pood
25 Wall Balls
20 Pull ups

My time


Row 2 K (10 intervals with :30 rest between until I reach 0)


WOD 2 Regionals
Thruster ladder

I was upset at failing on the 245#, I feel that is a very important number to get and 255# would be icing on the cake.  I have done 255# but know that is going to be a difficult one.  245 will separate me from a lot of people.

I then decided to throw in a triplet with some movements from the Regional:

12 Min AMRAP
10 OHS 95#
9 T2B
8 GTOH 45# DB

My score
6 Rds + 5 GTOH

This was a good one that i tried going unbroken on.  I broke the GTOH up 5-3 almost every time.  Those are horrible!  I am planning to do some heavy Deadlifting for the last time before Regionals and then maybe some burpees or a short met-con and the OFF tomorrow....trying to go completely off.

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