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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I had a GREAT day of Training on Monday thanks to an awesome Crossfitter Anthony Shefferly.  He came up from Ft Wayne and we hit it hard.  It was a nice change of pace and we hit some tough stuff.  But first I did a WOD at home:

3 Rds
30 Burpees
50 Air Squats

My time

3 Rep Push Press
235 x 3 (PR)

1 Rep Push Jerk
305 x 1
315 x 1 (FAILED)

Then we hit an awesome one!:

20 Min AMRAP

3 165# Axel bar clean and Jerk (1 person works the other rests, next person works...when both finish there 3 reps that is 1 Rd)

Our Score
32 Rds + 4 Clean and Jerks

Anthony started and ended up doing 99 total and I did 97 total.  It was sweet and we new we were going to feel it the next day.

Next we did:

Tabata C2B Pull ups

5 Rds
2 Min AMRAP - 2 Min Rest (1 person works at a time)

405 Bar Bell Carry 25ft and back
Max T2B with remaining time

My score

255 x 5
305 x 5
335 x 10

This next WOD put us both in the dirt.  We were ready to call it a day:

5 Rds
2 Tires (500# and 350#)
5 Flips 500#
10 Flips 350#
(If you finish your flips before the other person you rest.  1 Rd is finishing flips on both tires)

The clock was at 16 minutes when I finished but I had some rest in between Rds because Anthony started to struggle on the big tire.  That saved me and gave me much needed rest total it was 75 Tire flips.  Awesome day and he really pushed me.

Today I did:

5 Rds
Max Back Squat 185#
7 Burpee Box Jump 20'

My score

Your score is the total amount of reps completed.  my rep count went 20-12-13-15-13.  I did not push to failure but it still hurt.


10 Min AMRAP
7 Front Squat 135#
10 Push ups hand release

My score
11 Rds + 1 Front Squat


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