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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fried Shoulders

Last night I got back to the gym and hit a WOD that I miss read from a text:

5 Rds (ended up doing 3 because of safety)
3 Squat Clean Thruster 225#   (should have been Squat Clean)
4 MU to HSPU

My time for 3 Rds

It was so difficult to do the HSPU on the rings after the thruster.  I called my friend who sent this to me to yell at him and he told me I did it wrong.  It was supposed to be a squat clean without the thruster.  I am an idiot and need to read my text properly.  Lets say my shoulders were rough for the next few minutes.  After I was ok I did:

Back Squat
275 x 5
295 x 5
315 x 6

Then I hit up:


My time

It was a good night but I felt the day was not very productive overall.  So I was ready to hit it hard in the morning and do a WOD with my wife.  I started this morning with a quick sprint:

SDHP 95#
Ring Dips

My time

Then I did Main Site for today:

Main Site
800 M Run
30 Clean and Jerk 175
800 M Run

My time

You choose the weight to use and I felt 175 would be challenging but I would still maintain a good pace.  The second 800 run was BRUTAL!  My posterior chain was shot.  I waited awhile and then did the class with Chels:

12 Min AMRAP
10 Pistols
10 Toes 2 Bar

My score
12 Rds + 8 T2B

This was a good WOD and I scaled up from Toes through Rings.  My wife did the WOD with Toes through Rings and got 12 Rds + 9 Toes through Rings.  It was close and I thought she had me until the end.    I was so excited for her to do that well.....she also PR'd on her snatch 105#!!!!

I then did some OHS at 275# and then failed at 300#.  It did not feel to bad but my shoulders were very sore and I could not lock the weight in place.  I will get this within the next 2 weeks.  I then through in 20 reverse hypers while someone held my legsFinally I did:

Tabata C2B

The only problem with this was someone reset the clock to roll every :20 instead of :20 and then :10 rest.  So I rested :20 each Rd.  Still effective.


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