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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feeling "better" about MU's

I woke up and got to the gym early to hit a couple WODs before i had to head in to work.  I started with a WOD Pat Cummings gave me that is very similar to "Amanda":

Squat Snatch 145#

My time

I was very happy with my time.  i dropped ever rep from the top and had 1 fail on the snatch.  Other then that I went  unbroken on MU and grabbed the rings right when I got off the bar.

When i got done the class was doing an awesome WOD so i decided to jump in:

12 Min AMRAP
5 Deadlifts 275#
10 Bar Facing Burpees
20 DU's

My score
8 Rds + 2 Bar Facing Burpees

This was one I could not turn down.  I was not sure how the deadlifts would feel hitting a high amount of them at a decent weight.....but it feels great making me feel good about the You Challenge WOD I plan to do tomorrow!  Check it out on Facebook....it is a doosy!!!!  I had to jet out from the gym to make it to work and am prepared to hit some more up later in the day.  Should be fun!

So.......lunch time came and went and I decided to hit up the local park again....but this time to do:

The Park 100
100 Du's
100 KBS 2 Pood
100 DU's

My time

The 2 Pood got heavy but after starting with some ugly doubles finishing at about 1:30 I picked up the bell at 1:35 and did 20 unbroken....then going 5's the rest of the way with an occasional 6.  It was good and I plan to start only using the 2 Pood from here on out.


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