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Sunday, June 19, 2011

40 Days....I think

Wow....wow.....and wow.......I cannot explain how incredibly fortunate and thankful I am.  I still cannot fathom what is happening.  I made it to the BIG DANCE!  The final proving ground......amazing.  I woke up today on Father's Day to my beautiful wife and daughter.  They gave me a vegetable holder for the grill.  We have needed this since we grill so much.  They also gave me a sweet card......we danced and then I was off to the gym and they were off to her Grandpas:

Thruster 165#
Muscle up

My time

That thruster got heavy and made the MU real tough.  Then I did:

3 Rds
30 Push Press 95#
15 pull ups

My time

This was a WOD I did while in Chicago.  I do not remember my time but I know it was not that fast.  I then played with deadlifting and pulled 405# and felt fatigued so I stopped there.  I am really deadlifting a lot to get my max and capacity up.  Next was:

Tabata C2B Pull ups
-1 Min Rest-
Tabata KBS 2 Pood

The chest to bars felt tough.....i think from the MU and pull up wods I did earlier.  I am going to start doing C2B more because I don't see regular pull ups being in the games.....for standard purposes and for added difficulty.  I will be hitting some more tonight and then heading to Indy to train with some friends. 

Last night I went to dinner with Chels so I took the night off.....it was worth it to spend some quality time with her.  It was a great night together!


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